Hash rate of Rx 470 and Rx 480


Latest silentarmy is giving me ~47 sols/s on a R9 Nano, and ~35 sols/s on a Sapphire Nitro 480. All cards are running stock BIOS.


claymore in win7 64 with latest amd drivers:
rx480 8GB 1300/2100 --> 40-44 sols
FYI 280x 1100/1500 gives the same!
i believe the 4xx series have a lot more to give!


I can only get my RX 470 4GB to run at 1800 with the (1500 strap hacked bios). At 1900 or 2000 it gives BSOD. No idea how you guys can run a 4GB @ 2000mhz without instant BSOD.


I'm planning to get some 470. What brand is your 470/ what kind of hash rate do you get after modding?


53 Sol/s on a Fury X
43 Sol/s on Rx480

Both on Claymore, all cards are stock aswell.


I'm getting 47.3sols/s avg at 53c with

edit:rx 480 devil with boyise's bios


can anyone tell the solve rate of asus strix 4gb rx 470 cards ??

many thanks .. :slight_smile:


Do you have a link to that?



That looks like a nice rig :heart_eyes: What cpus are you going to use?


Just simple G1840. When I bought the system, I did not know about zcash. ^^


Don't going to buy another one like i7?


Maybe later this year or next year. Out of money right now. :grin:


anyone with a 460? i wonder how efficient it s.


My HD 7970 is giving about 45-47 Sols/s and R9 270 30 Sols/s, also if I can interest anyone in some magic, (auctioning crazy cheap 80+ sols), do kindly drop by and have a look! :slight_smile:

Wish you all a great day! :slight_smile:


your hd 7970 is reaching speeds of the rx 480 8gb..... is that even possible? at half the price of the card i say its a good buy :wink:


Yeah, definitely :slight_smile: I got it 2nd hand for 100 euros, I switched the bios to boost mode, it went to 1100 1500 from 925 1350 and then I put an extra 100 on the core, running rock stable on Claymore's miner, real happy with it :slight_smile:


I have 10 stock MSI RX470 4 gb hashing at 31-36 each. Anyone has better bios clocks?


Use the new claymore miner 2.0 it is giving me 40 sols per card


Update.. using claymore 3.1 and tweaking memory/clock on the last two I get: (rx470, rx480, rx480, rx480)

ZEC - Total Speed: 194.323 H/s, Total Shares: 461, Rejected: 4, Time: 00:23
ZEC: GPU0 44.445 H/s, GPU1 45.396 H/s, GPU2 51.989 H/s, GPU3 52.493 H/s