HELP! Claymore crash only with Win10

Hi all. My configuration is:

  • ASROCK H81 Pro BTC / Celeron G1840 / 4gb RAM / SSD 64GB
  • Raiser (here)
  • 4x Gigabyte RX 480 8gb Gaming
  • PSU Thermaltake 750W modular

I use Claymore 15.12 in Win7 x64 and I mined for 2 days without problem, with 1 or 2 RX 480. Driver ati vers. 17.
I need to use Win 10 because now I have 6 video card (all RX 480) but I always have crash just I start Claymore.
At first I had an error about “stuck_driver” but after some attemps system crash without errors, only a grey screen.
In last 3 days I tried a lot of solutions but no 1 succesfully.

1- Win10 (Home or Pro x64) with only 1 card. Crash
2- Win10 (Home or Pro x64) with more virtual memory. Crash
3- Different version of Claymore. Crash
4- Different variables of Claymore. Crash
5- Win10 full update installed. Crash
6- Different version of ATI. Crash
Always after 4-5min of Claymore running screen become grey and freeze. Reboot required.
A particular thing is that after reboot often appear a notific about WATTMAN of ATI that restart with default setting and I never changed it.

All same attemps tried on Win8.1 but same result.

I’m very frustrated. Can anyone help me? What can I try?
Someone talks about uppervoltage or undervoltage, someone changing BIOS, other about versions of Claymore or ATI driver…
I hope in your suggest to fix this.


is the whole pc rebooting or freezing? Or only Claymore Miner?

No PC reboot, only grey screen, freezing.
I tested raiser end gpu on another PC with same Win10Pro 64, and all work fine.
Now i’m thinking about Asrock H81 Pro BTC configuration, because is the only thing different.
I have read a lot of different opinion on powered raisers and extra power on 2 molex on that mobo.
May be that?
I’m trying only with 2 cards. Have I to plug in molex on mobo or not if I have powered raisers?

What you think other?


I use same motherboard always plug both molex into motherboard even if using powered risers,your problem could be a driver issue and when crashing watman will load defaults,use DDU in safe mode to uninstall drivers then connect all 6 GPU’s and install drivers
Now there was a problem with win 10 update cause problems with 6 GPU’s I had issues myself but changed to win 7 since got fed up with the issue,I don’t know of the fix but if still having issues I think there was a thread here about it
Pro bitcoin will work out of the box with no changes needed

Thanks a lot… After many many attemps I’ve succeeded to make work.
I used MSI Afterburner like a friend suggested me. I set GPU clock at 1340 and fan speed in manual at 90% and PC worked fine for 2 days at maximum speed.

So finally yesterday I tried to plug other 3 card for 6x RX480 total. PC work, then I had some problem with Windows but today it seems to work fine.

The problem is this:
in CMD windows I see correct value of H/S, about 1800h/s, but in flypool site my average speed doesn’t go up 1460h/s though blu line remains always above orange line. (like you see in pic)

Do you know why?

Then, I would try a new fresh install of Win10 64, do you suggest me to avoid all update of Windows, stop update and use only ATI driver?
What version? I’ve read different opinion about it, many people write to avoid latest version and use 16.12 or 16.10.

Thanks a lot

The graph is a 24 hour average