How are people integrating their custom equihash solvers with zcashd?

Hi all!

I have a question for those in the community that have already written their own equihash solvers.

How are you integrating them with zcashd? The seem to be a few things you could do

  • you could write the solver as a drop-in replacement for the existing solver and then simply rebuild zcashd
  • you could write a solver that creates valid blocks itself, tries to mine them, and then submits results back to zcashd over RPC.

I’m interested to hear what people are/will be doing.

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If you would like to help stop by this thread Tromp's solvers - #200 by sarath-hotspot

There is a Github you can contribute to

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The idea is to leave the daemon (zcashd) alone. Creating a standalone miner/stratum client using the very best solvers is a good start.

Tromp/st4d have made great progress on this, as @shawn notes above.

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