How long would it take to mine some zcash on a macbook pro?

just looking to learn

I’m actually mining with my macbook air (mid 2012) with about 8-9 Sols/s. With a newer macbook pro maybe it would be a little faster…

Ok I’m at 1.8 Sols/s on a late 2013 iMac. I should be doing much better - I guess. Any ideas on what I should check?

I get ~6 Sol/s on my Mid 2011 i7 running only 4 threads (of 8 possible), so you should be able to get a little bit of zcash with it.

@chicodemilo have you activated all threads with -t x? Which miner are you using? I am using the nheqminer

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m using the nheqminer also. No I haven’t activated all treads. I’m currently only on one mining thread. Can you give me a little more detail? Sorry for being so clueless.

In your start.bat-file you should extend your commands with -t [number_of_threads]
e.g.: nheqminer.exe -l eu1-zcash -u t1VhfefrfLfNK6iHVt6FgVGeBN1xEqBXTwX -t 4

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If you are mining from inside the zcashd node, then make sure you use zcashd -equihashsolver=tromp -genproclimit=<#of threads> otherwise you will mine at a SUPER low hasr rate. On my macbook i7 mining through the zcashd node on 4 threads I get ~2.5 Sol/s, mining outside of that with nhequminer on 4 threads I get ~6 Sol/s

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Got it. Thanks everyone. Now mining with all threads.

Macbook 12" via Docker (Ubuntu, CPU only) - 5sol/s

MBP 2012 - About 15 sol/s