1080 TI only 500 sols (MacOS) - what's wrong?

People, people!

Just open this topic If you can help me to up my working rig
with Mac Pro + 1080 TI ZCASH nheqminer-gpu Vrs 5 only gives me
an average of 500 sols. some times 450! :sleepy:

What I’m doing wrong? A lot of people sying have 720 sols.
Maybe I need to change the pool? I’m in Suprnova.

I try to up fans speed what had the same results…

MacOs community rescue me! The force is in me I know! :grimacing:

Please people answer only who works with MacOS - Apple. <<<<<

Thanks for your support!

Cheers & peace34

I had the same issue, just change pool and you will be fine

Hi NutellaThief (hard drug hahaha)

Thanks for your advice I will do. Which one you’re mining?

I test with MacMiner GPU miner but the same… (with nicehash)


dstm - v0.5.7 miningpoolhub.com
Since I switched to this one I getting 760 avg

I just see some youtube things last day about this one. Ok I will try it.
What is >> dstm - v0.5.7 ?


Let me know if you are getting better results

Just a moment…
Are you working with MacOS ?

nope, Simple Mining OS

brrrrr I tell it very clear >>>> I need exemples/people working with the same of me MAC OS - APPLE !!

Thanks any way for your words. I have the same results.



Mr. @kozyilmaz answer the situation in other topic I wrote.

“Hi @macperlita, on Windows/Linux with EWBF solution rate will be around 650-700 but with open source nheqminer you got a bit less. I have no fix for that at the moment sorry.”

Remember If you’re on MacOS system with nheqminer and a GTX 1080 TI working you only would have about 550 sols for mining ZCASH. (by the moment) like a GTX 1070.

Hey! Just a quick correction GTX1070 with EWBF gives around 450 Sol/s, GTX1080 with EWBF around 550 Sol/s and finally GTX1080 with EWBF around 700 Sol/s. So it is more like having GTX1080 performance instead of GTX1080TI

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Remember, even MAC can install a linux partition (or Windows).

its just Apple and Apple is wrong.

ok! thanks perfect.
It’s too dificult to fix to gain this 700 sol/s for you?

lol I don’t think is the problem… I’m on mac since 1997.

I know… but runs all drivers at the same level and power…?

It should.

It actually is the problem in this case.

Maybe, I think the problem is a few people is working with MacOS for mining and If there’s some problems like that It’s not a priority for programers work for to fix it. I understand, other platforms have more miners running

Other question, every time I lunch nheqminer on terminal, never connects AVX,
it’s that right?


Hey @macperlita, CPU properties should be detected automatically. What kind of a Mac are you using (my money is on Mac Pro 4.1 :))