Zcash Miner - Am I doing it right?

I have an old MacBook that I wanted to put to use. Downloaded Zcash Miner

Entered my Zcash public address Password = x Server Port = zec.2miners.com:1010

Success, running at 6 Sol/s.

HOWEVER, my Zcash4mac wallet is showing 0.00 ZEC balance. Im synchronized to the blockchain so it should be up to date. Am I just running at too slow a speed? Been running fort about 36 hours.


Welcome to The Forum, unfortunately 6 sols (even when gpu mining was viable) is very, very low
6,000 sols would return a little bit eventually like 0.3-0.4 per month
I don’t want to dissuade you from mining but it’s not worth burning up your Macbook albeit however old

Unfortunately, as autotunafish mentioned, you will likely never mine any Zcash with that low of a hashrate. The total network hashrate is simply too high to compete. If you really want to mine some Zcash you will need to look at something like a Z9, or Z9mini, or Zmaster ASIC machine, but those won’t make you a profit unless you have very cheap electric rates.

Also, you mentioned you are using Zcash4mac? That software is way out of date and should not be used. Better is ZecWallet: https://zecwallet.co