How Much can i make mining with a GTX 960 GPU

Im currently at around 150/s. Wondering How much i can make? gives you an idea.
But it is about 1,40 USd a day without electricity costs


On a more serious note, not much. With 5600 hash/s, at current average difficulty, I’m getting about 0.08 ZEC / day. A simple ratio will give you a rough idea.

My 970 gives me 300sol/s, and I have been getting $2~$2.5 (0.00434 ZEC) every day. At 150sol/s, and assuming you are in a pool, you would get $1~$1.25 (0.00217 ZEC) every day.

My 960 I have at 287-315 sols. I am pushing it harder though, its an older card so I want more.

what miner are you using?

Here using smos on all rigs