How to transfer from my local wallet to poloniex?

I’m trying to transfer the amount I have on my local wallet to my Poloniex account.

My wallet t-addr:

My Poloniex t-addr:

$ zcash-cli getbalance

$ zcash-cli listunspent
        "txid" : "4d0208b82e1b04c300ef160ed239af0b87b03a1e6139f0e3db4f7e72ac77d0c3",
        "vout" : 176,
        "address" : "t1UMW61BbdMLXgE4rqgGG4FwcHYvNUWoez9",
        "account" : "",
        "scriptPubKey" : "76a91472f7f6a1fe4bcc30663d97cbf17bb043c332a57788ac",
        "amount" : 0.01002054,
        "confirmations" : 1049,
        "spendable" : true

$ zcash-cli z_sendmany "t1UMW61BbdMLXgE4rqgGG4FwcHYvNUWoez9" '[{"address":"t1JqAPyEm2hbUWK9VrQqMqq76xEUsmewjeq","amount":0.01002054}]'

But my coins never arrive at Poloniex and my local balance never turn to 0…

Maybe you forgot the amount??

$ ./src/zcash-cli z_sendmany “$ZADDR” “[{"amount": :zcash:, "address"::rocket:}]”

zcash-cli z_getoperationresult "[\"opid-95a2421b-a1ad-472c-a310-7201b918f8ef\"]" to see if there is any errors.
Looks like you dont include a fee so that may be the problem.

Not sure if it works, but you could also try:
zcash-cli sendtoaddress t1JqAPyEm2hbUWK9VrQqMqq76xEUsmewjeq 0.01001054 where you will pay a fee of 0.00001


zcash-cli z_sendmany "t1UMW61BbdMLXgE4rqgGG4FwcHYvNUWoez9" "[{\"address\": \"t1JqAPyEm2hbUWK9VrQqMqq76xEUsmewjeq\", \"amount\": 0.01001054}]"

If neither works try to increase the fee.

Good luck!

I could take from 20 secs to 30 mins. On Poloniex, in Balances → History. Do you see anything? Maybe it is still pending.

Wait! … i just reread your last line. Your balance did not reduce to 0. Of course it didn’t, you are not allocating enough money for transfer/transaction fee. Let’s transfer a different amount, say, 0.00992054 ?

Thanks man!

I did not know there was charge when transferring from a local wallet.
When I put 0.00992054 worked!

It has not yet appeared on Poloniex, but the result was:

$ zcash-cli z_getoperationresult ‘[“opid-6795c144-864c-4b05-a5de-81232cb0d7d4”]’
“id” : “opid-6795c144-864c-4b05-a5de-81232cb0d7d4”,
“status” : “success”,
“creation_time” : 1479474035,
“result” : {
“txid” : “196f3e141adea376603935d4e4b13a1839d2589fafa7cb71196ee62cec5a8cbf”
“execution_secs” : 0.01370344

I have a question, when I enter a zcash command such as:

zcash-cli z_sendmany “t1UMW61BbdMLXgE4rqgGG4FwcHYvNUWoez9” “[{"address": "t1JqAPyEm2hbUWK9VrQqMqq76xEUsmewjeq", "amount": 0.01001054}]”

I just get this back at the cursor: >

What’s going on?


10000x simplier

That usually happens when you have a mismatch of “” or ‘’ (double quotes or single quotes). For example, you opened the quote but did not close it. However, I went through command and did not find anything wrong with it.