Problem sending ZEC from Poloniex to my ZEC GUI wallet

Is there someone who is facing or faced the same issue like me ?
I just created GUI wallet (vaklinov) and I can’t send any ZEC from my poloniex account :frowning: Any ideas would be appreciated!

Be sure you have done all these steps:

  1. Created a t-address to receive the ZEC
  2. Let the node fully sync (check the block height)
  3. Enter the t-address in Poloniex correctly to send to
  4. Wait for the network to show the withdraw (you should see a txID right away)

If you have done all those and still can’t receive your ZEC, then I would say it’s probably a Poloniex problem and contact thier customer service.


@shawn , thank you for your answer! I have done all of this. There is no such a transaction in the blockchain. In poloniex history shows that it’s invalid address. I just copied t-address from my wallet and paste it. Do you think it’s poloniex problem?

If it’s an invalid address you will have to wait or contact Poloniex to cancel the transaction