Startup Guide for CUDA Miner

Hello everyone,

I recently dipped my toe in the water with the (CUDA miner)[] to get a feel for mining with my gaming PC, and I felt I could make the process a bit smoother for newcomers.

I whipped together some VisualBasic forms to guide newbies through first time setup with the miner, and as an added bonus I made a background task runner that starts the miner when your windows machine goes into lockscreen or when the screensaver pops up.

Hope this is helpful!

github link -

I would not touch this


Would it matter if I open sourced the code for the executables? They’re just boilerplate VB.NET apps…

Okay, I simplified it to a github readme guide and a link to the background runner open sourced on github (mainly why I posted this).

Hope this is better.

Joined two days ago, now has a “mining guide”. Smells really bad.

I started mining 2 days ago by suggestion of a friend. I struggled with getting everything started, and when I finally figured it out I wanted to document the steps so a few of my less tech-savvy friends could also try it out.

I posted this at the suggestion of the guy who helped me to start mining, but if this post is out of line please delete it.

The thought is very nice and you are probably sincerely attempting to help others; but you just showed up offering a closed source script with VB and you just joined… you have to understand why myself and others would say stay away.

I hate to hear you had issues setting up and understand how to in the beginning, if you would have joined the forums and spoke up, several here would have answered questions and pointed you in the correct direction.

Welcome to Zcash forums btw!

That’s understandable. When I posted this, I only had my own intentions in mind and not what everyone’s perception of this would be (very sketchy indeed).

The trouble I had initially wasn’t with the miner itself, so much as understanding how to obtain a deposit address and what I needed to do once I got that address. Once I stumbled through the process and figured out what went where, I decided to document what I did and make a “background runner” tool to help out.

Sorry for all the ruckus I caused