I'm a gamer – The video games thread

Do you play video games? What game are you playing currently and what game are you eagerly anticipating?

I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2, which I consider to be a masterpiece.


Not new, but I recently re-installed (wine) on my Xubuntu notebook for fun:

If interest, I can look into hosting on a dedicated server, install fun mods like the ZARK, exploding ammo, etc.

ps. capture the flag is super fun in this with teams :smiley:


best shooter ever created
i always wondered why it have never succeed like CS
in CS, everyone thought i was a cheater, after i mastered UT99 xD


I am so down for any UT99, UT2004, or UT4 matches!

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Thank you for creating this topic in the forum!

Most recently I’m playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhala and the Space Quest series (currently on #2)

Any other adventure game lovers out there?

I believe that we are all gamers in this world. I, in particular, don’t have any favorite game; I am the so-called “occasional gamer” who doesn’t play often and doesn’t have a particular game. But playing from time to time is a great way to relieve stress :+1:

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I would get into this provided I can get it running. I’m really bad at FPS though!

Lately I just play Heroes of the Storm. It’s pretty dead, but the games are quick and the button clicks are many.

I’m happy to see this thread. In general I think internet money and internet gaming belong together. But we’re a small community and it’ll be tough to find a common game. I believe Zooko has been known to indulge in some PUBG. IMO it’d be fun and cool to have a server where you get in by paying a nominal fee, say $1-3 in your chosen digital money, and the winner/winners are rewarded with the funds converted to their chosen digital money. You get to fight for your own wallet and your coin’s market cap. I think Battle Royale lends itself well to this structure.

That said, with real money in play, we’d likely see a lot of exploits, sabotage, and ultra-competitive toxicity. But to me that’s part of the adventure.

Is there any cryptocurrency service that does this, or something similar?

Does anyone want to build this? :point_right: :point_left:


dont really play much anymore since sold gaming pc while ago.

occasionally play Rocket League at frens

mostly like story based games. all the GTA series.

Red Dead 2 was last game started. got half way wif missions - it was gud game
will finish once I get more time and a device to play on again.

Cypherpunk 2077 was one great game from story point and also looked visually awesum. big DLC comin to it also soon.

planning to play Disco Elysium - which is RPG detective story and have heard much gud bout it - also plays on lower specced devices.

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