Zcashd binaries for Win, MacOS and Linux from Zecwallet


  • Zecwallet will build and maintain binary releases for zcashd for MacOS, Windows and Linux
  • Built directly from ECC’s zcash repository. Releases page
  • Same binaries used in Zecwallet Fullnode

(Unofficial) zcashd builds

Zecwallet Fullnode ships with an “embedded full node” binary, which is a just a zcashd binary built natively for the platforms supported by Zecwallet Fullnode. There were a lot of requests for Zecwallet to just publish these binaries, since the official ECC zcashd binaries are only available for Linux/Debian.

We didn’t do this because the binary inside Zecwallet Fullnode was a custom zcashd binary that had some custom RPC calls and a “fast sync” mode. Thanks to help from the ECC’s teams, all of these customizations were up-streamed, so now the binaries are directly compiled from the ECC’s codebase.

Thanks to our new infra engineer (@denverbdr), who has over the past week been working on automating the building and testing of zcashd and Zecwallet Fullnode, we are now able to publish the zcashd binaries that are used inside Zecwallet Fullnode.

You can download them here. All future versions will also be published at this repo.

The binaries are available for: Windows-x86_64, Linux-x86_64, Linux-aarch64 and MacOS-x86_64. MacOS M1 native binaries are coming soon.

Zecwallet Fullnode v1.4.7

Zecwallet Fullnode v1.4.7, with the updated zcashd v4.4.0 is also now available for upgrade.

Deprecating old versions of Zecwallet Lite

The grace period height for ZIP-212 will expire sometime over the next 48 hours, which means if you have an old version of Zecwallet Lite (pre 1.4.0), you will start receiving an errir message saying “This version has been deprecated, please upgrade to the latest Zecwallet Lite version”. If you see this error message, it’s time to head over to the releases page and upgrading your Zecwallet Lite wallet.

Users of the App Store and Google Play store shouldn’t be affected, as these are auto updated. If you used the APK directly, please upgrade your APK