June 4, 2021 - weekly forum update

Greetings Zcashers, summer is officially underway. :sun_with_face:

Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

Community Shoutouts - Shout out to Boston Zcashers getting together in Cambridge tomorrow. Folks in Miami can check out the happy hour tonight in Miami (you must RSVP in advance). Shoutout to adityapk00 for submitting a community PR this sprint.

Dev Infra

  • Resolved initial timeout bug in new Tekton CI; remaining bug is addressed in upcoming Tekton releases, Testing initial Tekton logging implementation


  • Merged the Poseidon Chip!!
    • The first major Gadget for the Orchard circuit
      • ECC, Sinsemilla, and the top level Action circuit in progress
  • Nearly all test vectors are now complete!
  • Wrote, reviewed, and published ZIP 239, Relay of Version 5 Transactions
  • Published several Rust crates to crates.io
  • Improved developer tooling and developer APIs for Halo
  • Fixed a bug in fixed based multiplication in the ECC Chip
  • Fixed a bug in complete addition in the ECC constraints
  • Audit Implementation Schedule
    • QED-it
      • Project Kickoff - June 7th
      • Project Status - June 21st
      • Interim Findings Disclosure - July 1st
      • Final Report - July 8th
    • NCC
      • Project Kickoff - June 14th
      • Project Status - June 21st
      • Project Status - June 28th
      • Project Readout - July 2nd

Mark your calendars -

Enjoy the weekend!