New miner from Claymore

Claymore is working a miner. Estimate is 2 to 3 days from now. Zcash only and first, with dual mining possible at a later time.

With that name I suggested that it’s already ready… :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait, claymore contributes a lot to the mining community and does great work.
his miner should be one of if not the best.

With a forced dev fee built into the miner. no thanks.

I see this differently…, if we will get 100H/s and it run stable, this is definitely 1-3 percent worth. If you not want to pay, you can still run 20-40 H/s miner on a RX480.


2% dev fee ok more no fkn way…

This is not always a good thing. I’m not talking about the Dev fee but if he makes a miner that’s stable, faster, and works with both AMD plus Nvidia then we will all make less money because the hash rate will go up.

Right now hash rate is low because the current miners are unstable and many don’t have the technical computer experience to deal with it so they are sticking with ETH.

Also there aren’t any fast Nvidia public kernel so the Nvidia people are at a huge disadvantage now which is great for the AMD crowd


So RX480 or Radeon R9 390 NITRO ?

I thought he said it was the R9 he was tuning it for

also 4gb or 8gb

well people have the choice to use it, if they profit more from using it they can use it, if not, they can drop it at anytime… they are not stuck using it with a forced purcahse fee like some other scaming set ups

15 mins/day feels a burden? You’re too greedy, man. :slight_smile:

Exactly. The end result will be hash rate increase, all miners will have the same percent in shares and thus the same income. But overall power consumption will increase twice for nothing. And this will actually LOWER profits.

Exactly. I basically got 3 buddies that are all miners and they are still mining ETH because they dont want to deal with these crashing issues, have no idea how to run the loop, and have familys+work and can’t deal with this headache.

As soon as a stable plug and play miner software is out, they will all switch over.

Then you switch to ETH and enjoy the low diff profits there :slight_smile:

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Its going to be completely balanced

nicehash might be a good solution for you, it has been very stable for me, it is very profitable compared to eth.

3% acceptable, 4% top, plus zcash charges 20% and pool, transaction fee, so .

He said 100 on a 390, not a 480.

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My thinking is there are already private miners out there that are pulling what Claymore is shooting for - 100 sol/s. Getting those speeds out to the rest of us would indeed raise the diff further, but we will be getting a bigger share of the rewards in the process.

No problems paying a 3% or 5% or hell, even more, ‘tax’ to get 300% increase in hashrate. Devs deserve a return. If they produce a superior product, they are entitled to it.

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That is what I’ve done since Tuesday. Can’t babysit my rigs due to work. ETH rewards are up 30% over what I was getting prior to zcash launch.

Claymore only takes 1% on ETH, so why should ZEC be any different? If ZEC profitability is higher than ETH, so will his 1% be.