Ledger Nano S Sync Problems with ZCash


I am using the Ledger Wallet S as a hardware wallet for ZCash.

Since few days it cannot successfully sync the transactions in the last 4-5 days. It says " Your wallet may not be up-to-date as the last synchronization did not complete successfully."

I tried to reinstall the app few times and tried also different computers, it only reaches to the point of the last transactions that happened around 22-24 Jan 2017, but not later.

Actually I am receiving about 50 transactions per day, could this be a real problem for the device?

Thank you in advance!

Yeah you overloaded the wallet and it cant sync due to all the transactions… I was mining to my Ledger Nano S and it did the exact same thing… In the end someone over at Ledger bought my wallet from me and transferred the balance to my new wallet. Get in touch with the guys at Ledger, email them and tell them your situation.

Good Luck

It’s not a good idea to mine small amounts to the Ledger, here’s an comment from the Ledger Knowledge Base:


Can I use a hardware wallet as a direct payou from a mining pool or a faucet?

It is not recommended to receive small payments (also called dust payments) on a hardware wallet. This kind of incoming payments are typical of mining pools or faucets.

Set the payment threshold at a higher level (for instance 0.05 BTC), or use an temporary software based wallet which you’ll empty every 0.05 BTC.

The reason is that the chip must sign all inputs when you want to make an outgoing transaction. Imagine that you have received 1,000 payments of 0.001 BTC. If you want to make a payment of 1 BTC then the chip will have to construct a transaction of 1,000 inputs and sign 1,000 times. Not only it will take a few hours, but you have risks that it will not manage to do it (the chip may get too hot and fault some computation etc).

If you are already in this case, the best is to restore your 24 words seed on Multibit HD or Mycelium and empty your wallet (and stop receiving dust payments).

thanks - I had no idea. I like my Ledger Nano S!

I used it for around 1 month and now it is overloaded with more than 1000 transactions and my balance of 50 ZEC there is unaccessible right now.

The wallet is trying to sync forever and there is no way to import my 24-words mnemonic into another wallet like Jaxx, or just to export my private key.

Let’s hope there will be some solution soon…

Is this problem somehow solved by Ledger wallet? I have the same problem - ZEC sent to the wallet, block explorer shows it arrived, but the wallet does not contain it. Thats since three days, so dont think it can be a synch issue. Does Ledger Nano S simply not work with ZEC? I think their wallet is just not ready for public use.
Let me know if you have any hint. The Support team of ledger does not reply emails since days.

Hey Frank, I have the same issue. Let me know if you find a solution

First I saw transaction on Ledger, and then after few hours disappeared. Transaction is visible and confirmed in explorer. What should I do?

I have the same issue and can not move my ZEC from Ledger Nano S. Any ideas how to fix it?

I have the same problem with Nano S and ZEC wallet. I did google somewhere without any help. Emailed to Ledger Support several times and received nothing. So frustrated!

I had the same problem couple of weeks ago.
I switched to another PC and there it showed up OK (proper balance and all transactions).
Then after couple of weeks I checked the Nano ledger S with first PC again (with initial improper balance) and after long “wallet synching” message, this was OK as well.

Not ideal but it is a workaround.

Here is the solution folk!
Download zcash desktop wallet(i try all of tham but only this one is works,i not try in linux because i am not linux expert)

and install it

after that do next steeps
Take your Recovery sheet with your 24-word backup
In your browser, go to our Mnemonic Code Converter


Copy carefully the 24 words in the “BIP39 Mnemonic” field, separated by a simple space, without any punctuation mark
Select “Zcash” by scrolling in the “Coin” field
Scrolldown in the page to find the “Derived addresses” below
Select the address where you was mine your coins, and copy the corresponding private keys to the
desktop wallet simply pres ctr+n or go to wallet and fund import one private key
After this you will have your miner address in your wallet and now only need your wallet to synchronize what will take maybe up to 10 h because many transaction of mining!
When the synchronization is done your coins will be available to send them anywhere you want!
Do not mine to nano s wallet any more because to many small amounts will make problem for synchronization again!
Sure you can keep mining to same address but now your address will be available in desktop wallet!

You can maybe better mine to some exchange address like poloniex or cex and after the larger amount of zcash store to your nano s!

I hope it will help to others because Ledger support helps me only partial links what they give me not work!It takes me maybe 10 h of search and test before i finish!

Good luck


Can someone confirm that this works? I have the same problem.

Sure it is work!
Just try steep by steep just how i post!

Ok thank you, I set transactions from my myning pool to 0.1 instead of 0.01 and I think this also could solve the problem.

I changed my mining pool transactions to 1.5 ZEC and I expect 2 transactions per month. Do you think that my wallet will be able to sync?

Have you managed to sync it? I’m having the same problem right. It is a nightmare

Same problem as everyone here…

Mined to Nano S for months without issues, deposits were always 0.15 to 0.25 ZEC and started having sync issues last month or so…

Would typically show a different balance than Block Explorer. Last few days I’ve been trying to send some ZEC to Gemini, it is the first time I’ve tried withdrawing in over a month. Won’t sync and then times out. Have a support ticket with Ledger will see what happens.

Moved all the miners off the Nano and temporarily mining directly to Gemini.

From bad to worst…

Think Sin Wave …


Periodic…like the moon/tide/stars



All things go from bad to worst to better to good :wink: