My actual pool give me about 2 Time less than coinwarz calculator

Hi, i’m actually mining with 4x GTX 1060 (1150-1200sol/s), my pool say i’m earning 0,06 avec per day, but coinwarz Say 0,12 with my actual sol/s… It’s the double so what is wrong ?

Thanks !

Edit: i’m using nanopool

Nothing is wrong - and everything looks to be about right… What you get paid by the pool depends on what blocks get found by the pool - so you get a proportion of that. There is luck involved to the pool may be lucky to find something quickly, or it could take longer.

On top of that there is the difficulty which generally increases as more miners come on board. Over the last week, the amount of mining power has fluctuated quite a lot and this has meant that difficulty has varied too - from 800,000 up to 1.7 million.

If you look at: Zcash Mining Calculator - ZEC Mining Calculator - CoinWarz and enter your hash rate and set the difficulty to be around 1.1 million h/s then you will see daily payout of around 0.12 ZEC. If you then set the difficulty to what it has been in the last few days, for example 1.7 million then it works out to be about 0.07 ZEC.

Although you got paid/earned 0.06 ZEC, if you take how lucky the pool has been over the last few days then if it is not having a lot of luck then 0.06 ZEC looks about right.

You may have seen posts here about Slushpool which doesn’t have much mining power currently and as a result they have gone from finding 5 blocks per day to 1 per day which is quite a big difference.

So summarising, I think everything you are seeing is inline with what you would expect with network hash rate increasing, difficulty also increasing as a result and also a variance in luck…

Your currently on for 0.07 zec per day with that hashrate. Bear in mind the difficuly of ZEC constantly goes up and down like a yo yo so it’s not so easy to calutate an exactly realistic figure and when you type it into a calculator it will be wrong an hour later.