Announcing High Performance Pool

current pools available: ZCASH, ZENCASH, HUSH, KOMODO, BITCOINZ(new coin),

pools to come soon: zclassic

Block Finders Bonus!! Block finders on Zen, Hush or Komodo will be awarded 1.5+Ksols of mining power for 12 hours, 2X Block Bonus for ZEC 1.5Ksols for 24 HOURS! to the account and coin the block was found!!! valid for the next 50 blocks per pool, EXCLUDING BTZ! if we had the hash power to include BTZ we would, sorry.

Low Fee will be permanently set to 0.5% for all pools, We promise to never change our fee.

PROP fair payment system. payouts run every round after 100 block confirmations.

Vardiff, stratum enabled ports, all ports/coins now tested as working with nicehash. (use vardiff port with starting diff of 2.5)

Minimum payouts 0.5 ZEN, 0.5 HUSH, 0.1 BTZ, 0.5 KMD, 0.1 ZEC.

Servers based in the UK with dedicated high speed internet access for global miners.

LOW DOWN TIME! We are miners ourselves and exclusively use our own pools, if our pool is down so are our own miners that’s why we aim for 100% uptime and operate with full redundancy, we aim to be the best!

State of the art Enterprise grade servers running SSD raid storage

DDoS and invalid share packet flood protection

Live Support Discord Mining4 Community Chat

ANN [ANN][POOL][BTCZ], 0.25% fee, EU & US stratum, NOW PPLNT!


Help support us in decentralizing mining

Everybody Welcome, Happy Mining4