MAC miner for amd GPUs

Looking for a MAC gpu miner. System has two AMD FirePro D500 i would like to put to work.


Can’t you install Linux on your mac? There are miners for that.

I’m not sure a mac user i capable of doing that.

I highly doubt any developer will waste time making a miner for a MAC when there are hardly any MAC miners out there.

Works ok but i dont know if worth to keep it while sleeping. A mac is more precious than a ZEC .

1 Download this:
2 Go to downloads folder copy nheqminer to MAC desktop.
3 Go inside nheqminer folder to desktop and right click on > Open with TextEdit then edit your Zec address and mining pool. > Command + S to save edited file.
4 Open terminal then inside terminal use this commands :
cd Desktop
cd nheqminer

Copy and paste in terminal line by line.
Then Should start and see like this.

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