Native Mac Miner Release v4 (new GPU BETA)


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Mining Zcash on Mac the easy way.

Mining on Mac:

Zcash Miner Screenshot

Mining with pools:

Set your worker
Set pool adress
Start mining.

Mining with Nicehash:

  1. mining on equhash algoritm while being paid in Bitcoins (, you NEED Bitcoin address for this

  2. mining Zcash directly and being paid in Zcash (, you NEED Zcash address for this

Acknowledgments and credits


This miner is based on Equihash Miner for NiceHash
Thanks to Zcash developers for providing most of the code
Special thanks to tromp for providing optimized CPU equihash solver
Special thanks to xenoncat for providing assembly optimized CPU equihash solver
Special thanks to Zcash Community on Slack


Author of this miner: Kost

Author of Mac GUI for this miner: JustVanBlooM


If you feel this project is useful to you. Feel free to donate.

BTC address: 1GaGRtcCjb7ThaDgDLjgVwV8fctzEf12ct

That’s great! But your “Mac Version Download” button goes to an empty folder. I’d like to run it, but I don’t have an opensource dev environment on my Mac, as I do dev work on Ubuntu (separate system). Thanks for your work on this!

cam you help me instal one of thous?i never mined form my mac air. it will be funny to show to the cloud mining companies :laughing:
i what to test is…thanks
@justvanbloom good work!

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I’m fixing it right now.

Great! Btw, I have the same MBP you are running. Man, the new ones are pricey!

How many threads do you run, without killing it for normal stuff? Thanks!

Edit: I’m getting 11.5+ with 3 threads. That’s just 1 less than my 3.6 GHz i3 with the same number of threads! Wow!

Fixed now.
Also Readme added.
Direct to zip:

Nice. You can run 75% threads to Cores. Eg. if you have a i5 4 core cpu with threading its 8 so 6 is the perfect number and you can also do normal work on it. but keep an eye on the temps.

fixed. Download:
Please read the Readme,
change to your needs and
open terminal, drop the and let it hash away!

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It’s a 4 core i7 2.3 GHz. I’ve got 15 sols/s with 4 threads. Thank you very much for your effort. I greatly appreciate it. Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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For the start script, params to configure:

-h Print this help and quit
-l [location] Stratum server:port
-u [username] Username (pool worker)
-x [enginenum] Engine (-1=auto,0=tromp,1=AVX1,2=AVX2)
-p [password] Password (default: x)
-t [num_thrds] Number of threads (default: number of sys cores)
-d [level] Debug print level (0 = print all, 5 = fatal only, default: 2)
-b [hashes] Run in benchmark mode (default: 100 hashes)
-a [port] Local API port (default: 0 = do not bind)

Updates: working on a gui for mac osx now.

Okay, where can I try it? Can you please link it for download?
I have tried native CLI from you git - cant run it cause “no such file as nheqminer” said mac terminal.

I did everything you post in readme: get reverse git clone, compile everything (with some errors but successful) and cant run it - feels like stupid one…

Please tell me HOW to do this and I hope GUI-version will be more userfriendly…

Thanks anyway, someone I believe could run it and uses.

GUI Version is comming in a few hours. Stay tuned.

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Thanks…I have an i5 iMac 2016 but had to try this ASAP and tried it on a 2009 iMac with core 2 duo 3ghz…I pulled a blazing .9 sol/s :slight_smile:
Update: It just broke 1 sol/s woo!

I will let you guys know tomorrow what I get on a newer iMac :slight_smile:

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I have a late 2015 iMac with a core i5. I’m getting 16 sol/s mining on three cores with this miner. Works great, thank you for this.

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When I change the and drag it in to terminal it says ‘/Users/thimomol/Downloads/nheqminer/ line 1: ./nheqminer: No such file or directory’

How to change that?

Yea, same shit :slight_smile:
waiting for new release - gui version for mac.

I cant change parameters in config file - when I changein it will not affect on mining - allways run on defaults.

I cant setup my own settings - allways is default ian its mining for admin:
ZCASH CPU Miner - GitHub - justvanbloom/nheqminer: Currently fastest public CPU Equihash/zcash/zec miner jvb_nheqminer/0.3.9
Thanks to Zcash developers and community, nicehash, tromp, kost and xenoncat. Donate!

Setting log level to 2
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] stratum | Connecting to stratum server
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] stratum | Connected!
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] stratum | Starting miner
[19:59:57][0x000070000b92c000] miner#5 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b720000] miner#1 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b69d000] miner#0 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b826000] miner#3 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b69d000] miner#0 | Starting thread #0
[19:59:57][0x000070000b92c000] miner#5 | Starting thread #5
[19:59:57][0x000070000b720000] miner#1 | Starting thread #1
[19:59:57][0x000070000b7a3000] miner#2 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b8a9000] miner#4 | Using Xenoncat’s AVX2 solver.
[19:59:57][0x000070000b7a3000] miner#2 | Starting thread #2
[19:59:57][0x000070000b8a9000] miner#4 | Starting thread #4
[19:59:57][0x000070000b826000] miner#3 | Starting thread #3
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] stratum | Subscribed to stratum server
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] miner | Extranonce is 200046fa4c
[19:59:57][0x000070000b61a000] stratum | Authorized worker 1GaGRtcCjb7ThaDgDLjgVwV8fctzEf12ct