Nheqminer-0.5c on macOS with CUDA & AVX support

Hi ZCash Community;

I built nicehash’s latest nheqminer-0.5c with AVX (Xenoncat) and CUDA (Djezo) support for macOS. If anyone is interested you can either download precompiled binaries or build it yourself from my GitHub page! No “brew” or any other package installation is necessary.


thanks for this. I am getting about 520-600 Sols/s with a 1080ti on my hackintosh. It is less than I get in Windows on the same machine, but I have to boot this into OS X for work most of the week so something is certainly better than nothing.

I just wish I had a working way to check GPU temps in OS X, using hwmonitor currently for CPU and other temp monitoring but it doesn’t seem to work with Pascal GPUs

I’ve the same sols or minus with 1080 TI on a MacPro 5.1
Find you a solution?

Hi @macperlita, on Windows/Linux with EWBF solution rate will be around 650-700 but with open source nheqminer you got a bit less. I have no fix for that at the moment sorry.

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Hi @kozyilmaz,

Oh bad news, ok thanks. Anyway it’s a big hash/rate for a “second life profit card”

Will be patient for near future fix.

Thanks for your work.