Matrox Millennium G200 GPU

Can these be used in any way?

hmmm good question, i totally forgot about matrox
matrox cards are generally used to hook up a large number of displays right?
g200 is a rather old gpu?

General rule of thumb, if it's not 7950 -> 390 -> 480 you won't like the results.

Ok quick google, that is a 8mb AGP graphics card? 18 years old?

Bin fodder

well remember that 1000 + Sol/s chinese screen shot? what card was that? was not a current AMD consumer line card

and matrox are:
DirectX® 12 and OpenGL® 4.4 compatible AMD™ GPU

could that 1000 sol/s been a matrox card??

matrox cards are by no means garbage

they actually make some mighty powerful cards

for the sake of experimenting, it would be wise to test and see. If you found this video card at your work and are asking if it's good, that's usually a no.

Which use AMD gpu's don't they? Just more multi monitor support.

seems they use AMD GPUs which leads me to the question, could that have been the card used in that chinese screen shot using claymores AMD GPU ZCash miner??

the quesiton is, WHICH AMD GPU?
you think the airport flight information display is powered by hawaii or polaris GPUs for example? like I really doubt that

does AMD make other GPUs not in their own line up?

thats like asking, are the nvidia P5000 good for mining? Great card, terrible miner.

edit: amd firepro series too

so is the titan X.. so is the 1080...
all nvidia cards are terrible miners LOL
you dont know hte matrox is bad for mining unless you try it

ia the radeon PRO DUO bad for mining? hell no, its awsome..
just because you

does not mean its bad... clearly not if you use an AMD card!

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M series states they use AMD GPU's.. and they use openCL 1.2.... so they should work with OpenCL miners I would imagine.. miners like Claymores or Optiminer or Silentarmy

ask the ZCash team to try one out, they have enough funding LOL

now if a M9188 did do 1000+ sols/s it would probably be worth it, even though it would cost more htan 6 470s which can also produce 1000 sold/s... the power draw would put the 6x470's to shame

I have been trying to find information on speeds for pro duo since there price has come down to nearly half with imminent release of rx 490 any idea cryptomined?

M9188 is only a 2gb DDR2 card. Might be a £1500 card but its just not designed for speed.

Prod duo is 2 fury x's so 550 sols? 560? Some tweaking could be 600 sol card

But for zcash the old 390x still wins, 295 sols out the box no tweaks

oh DDR2, well i dont know
i would still need to test one to see
GB size of memory might not be a determining factor

Sorry, its not the amount its more about bus width. But I couldn't find that spec until now. Looks like 128bit compared to 512bit of a 390x etc

yeah maybe, i didnt notice you wrote DDR2... bus might also be a factory.. but again
still i would like to see one tested :slight_smile:

just like darky said, its like 2 fury-x
490 should be dual polaris i think, maybe hte radeon pro due will still hash higher

Yeh that's what I thought for pro duo, fool posting there doing 1000s/s on bitcoin talk and I never believe but wanted to check, the rx 490 will likely be priced out of the market for miners but if it's priced at less than 2 rx 480 it could work out well