Miner for Mac's osx

Can some port some miner to OSX to utilize idle mac pro xeon and D300/500/700 GPU’s… Using VM is not a good option nor bootcamp windows solution :slight_smile:


You can always install Ubuntu on a thumb drive.

well… I have a feeling that porting to osx is not that difficult… after all they both are *nix-like OS’es and most of tools are the same… I just do not have enough knowledge to do brew it…

OSX mining would be cool.

Have you tried it? It’s not as straight forwards as on PC.

You can also do Bootcamp with Windows too :slight_smile:
A OSX port would be more useful though, but I think devs are very busy with optimizing windows and Linux build currently

Although it’s basically a VM, running it in docker is pretty easy and does a better job sharing resources with the host. I have a recipe here: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/zcashd-in-docker-on-mac/5792

current developments for on OSX only appear here Xenoncat OSX Port and here I've successfully built Zcash on OS X... Ask me anything! - #22 by Mugatu.
for standalone miners theres no current incentive.

found that (search for mac): Releases · kost/nheqminer · GitHub

some new developments, unofficial macOS port now available https://github.com/radix42/zcash/blob/v1.0.0-mac-gcc/README-mac.md

i’ll make a signed version of kost with GUI later.

follow up here: Native Mac Miner Release v4 (new GPU BETA)

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Works ok but i dont know if worth to keep it while sleeping. A mac is more precious than a ZEC .

1 Download this:
2 Go to downloads folder copy nheqminer to MAC desktop.
3 Go inside nheqminer folder to desktop and right click on start.sh > Open with TextEdit then edit your Zec address and mining pool. > Command + S to save edited file.
4 Open terminal then inside terminal use this commands :
cd Desktop
cd nheqminer

Copy and paste in terminal line by line.
Then Should start and see like this.

Thank you justvanbloom.


Can it use GPU? If so how would one go about it?