Mining with a ASICminer 8 Nano 40Th/s

If you use a Profit mining calculator and put in the 40 th/s and 2100 w it say you can make like 200 million a year or something outrageous like that. I don’t see how. I haven’t figured out how to mine with my computer yet but if I do and I buy that for $4500 and can make 200 mill why is there not that many people doing that. Also the $20000 miner that have only shows it make like $40000. Can anyone help explain this to me?

It’s wrong. Because it is for mining Bitcoin not Zcash!!

This one is suppose to mine Zcash at 180000 sols. And cost $19,000.00 . But don’t trust them just yet.

Watch this -

A new video on this Asic. Watch it.