MIxed GPUs doesnt work on Claymore miner

Im using Fiji and 470 GPU in the same build but I have an issue while mining zcash I cant use the R9 Fury due to driver limitations on claymore miner, if i try to use the 470 with latest driver the fury wont work but if i enabled the Fury the 470 will underperform or not work at all

is there any workaround for this? I am using win 8.1 64bit pro and claymore 12.5

Put the Fury in the first GPU slot (GPU0)
Load up the 16.3.2(?) drivers
Make sure these run fine then add the newer card (GPU1)

Had a similar issue with a Fury X and a 390X.

the RX 470 wont work with older driver than 16.8
that is why i cant do that

Only way is to run with 16.8 and have the Fury running at a lesser rate.

That’s odd. I had the absolute latest drivers installed and was running an RX 570 and a 7950 in the same machine without any issues. Mined just fine.

I had the RX 570 installed and it was a few days later that I put in the 7950. The machine booted up and added the card on it’s own. I didn’t have to do anything. Was getting 280 sol/s and 260 sol/s respectively. Unless I’m missing something here, it should work fine?

Claymore miner requires 16.3.2 for Fiji , Tahiti(7950) is older than Fiji.

the R9 Fury can run ethereum but not Zcash with other driver arent 16.3.2

Well, I just finished saying I had both a 570 and the 7950 running with the latest AMD drivers. Claymore 12.5 works just fine with both cards running. I also just moved the 7950 to it’s own machine and installed the latest AMD drivers and I’m running Claymore 12.5 there as well. No difference in performance that I can see.

So unless I’m missing something, Claymore 12.5 is working fine with Tahiti and the latest drivers.

Fiji requires different driver, Fiji=/=Tahiti.

i have an issue…last time i was using thermal tek psu…but after change psu…to the higher wattage, my rig keep freeze while doin mining…any words guys…thanks help…

lower your intensity or lower your o/c

I’m aware. You’re missing my point. I’m using the latest drivers on a brand new card and a Tahiti card which is older than your Fiji card without issue. 17.5.2 > 16.3.2 > 15.12 :wink:

Hi my Sapphire HD7950 Dual-X with Boost is coming in two days so do you mind sharing your hashrate and best config on win10x64 ?

Why not run two claymore progs simultaneously if you are able to install the two different drivers on your computer? He suggests using different drivers for those two AMD architectures, so if you can install both, that’s what I would do. Just this evening I believe I read a reply by Claymore to someone’s comment in the main bitcointalk dual miner post regarding a similar driver issue. He suggested running two different instances of mining to solve whatever problem they had.