Monitor not displaying anything, not sure if the RIG BOOTS - ready to pay, if someone helps me start

Hi Friends thanks for all your help, I tried the below steps:

1- tried a different RAM as I had 2 , in both the slots
2- removed GPU and tried , as suggested above
3- tried both HDMI cable and other cable for Monitor on Mother Board
4- CPU was hot when I touched
5- tried bootable USB ethos 1.2.7 as well

I have ordered speakers, will try beep sound once I get those delivered

  • Monitor still shows, Dell, going into power safe mode
  • is there anything else I could do ?

Dell monitor going into Power safe mode means that the monitor is not receiving a signal. Are you certain that the monitor is configured to autodetect the connection type? Such as HDMI, DVI, VGA (whatever connectors it has)? If the monitor is manually set for VGA and a HDMI cable is connected then it will not display the HDMI signal and will go to sleep or power safe mode.

It works on another PC, with the same cable. I just used the same cable of the monitor and connected to motherboard using the HDMI converter also, tried direct connection without convertor.

is it possible to use laptop monitor ?

Please let me know if the below is correct:
I created the bootable USB same as shown here:

I tried connecting to my TV too, using the HDMI but that too is showing “No Signal” :frowning:


first try the old fashioned monitor output on the mb (the blue one), because is has onboard graphics (setup in bios: use onboard graphics).
Try first a setup with smos, you can try it for 3 days. It’s easy to instal.
If this works you can make a boot usb with W10 and try again.
Settings in bios: boot from USB!!
Were are u situated? i live in NL :wink: .
Best regards, BasZ

I would reset the MoBo by taking the battery out. Put the video card back in and plug the monitor into the card. Then I would make sure devices (keyboard & mouse) are plugged into usb 2.0 slots and not 3.0; this has caused problems for me in the past. you should even unplug SSD. It should boot to bios after this has happened.

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