Msi rx 480 hashrate

does anyone with msi rx 480 8G have 300 sols/s with windows 10 ?
if yes please let me know how to do
i use claymore v11
thanks in advance

With custom BIOS, Mem straps, overclocking, good ASIC and proper cooling. Yes.

But across any volume of cards and under normal circumstances you are prob looking at around 280 average.

If you run one rig and have all the time in the world to tweak. Sure you can hit 300.

i apreciate your answer thank you
any advise on how to change the bios ?? please
thanks again

eu estou usando RX 480 4GB, chego em 260 SOLES/S

USO O WINDOWS 7 64 BITS, 4GB RAM, essas são minhas configurações

mem straps back in business now?

I undid them a while ago as I didnt notice any difference mining zcash apart from them running hotter and voiding my warranty.