MSI Z270-A Pro 6th GPU keeps dropping

Hi Guys,

I currently have the following rig:
Z270-A Pro
Intel Celeron
6 x Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti Gaming X OC
1600W PSU
750W PSU

I currently only have 5 cards mining due to the 6th card dropping. Both Device Manager and MSI Afterburner picks up all 6 cards when the computor starts up. When I start NICEHASH Miner, it also picks up 6 cards, but after a while the 6th card has no hashrate and it doesn’t show in Afterburner. After restarting the miner, it only picks up 5 cards.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 4G mining is enabled in BIOS

Verify your bios settings. You mentioned 4g, but do you also have PCI speed set to Gen 1? If not, try that.

If that doesn’t work, update your bios and chipset drivers.