MSI Z270 SLI Plus 8 Cards using M.2 Adapters

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to get my rig working with 8 gpus using M.2 adapters.
Has anyone got a setup like this working with the motherboard MSI Z270 SLI Plus?


MB: MSI Z270 SLI Plus
CPU: Celeron
Mem: 4g HyperX


  • Seasonic X-1250
  • Corsair RM1000X

Disk: SSD Kingston
2x Sapphire RX580 8GB
2x Asus Strix RX570 4GB
2x MSI Armor RX570 4GB
1x MSI Gaming X RX570 4GB
1x Sapphire RX 480
6x PCI Risers
2x M2 Adapters to PCI

----BIOS Settings-----
PEG0 : Tried Gen1 or Gen2
PEG1 : Tried Gen1 or Gen2
4G Enable
Disable almost everything except the USBs since I don’t have a ps2 keyboard.

The scenarios are:
1st - Works with 6 cards connected do PCI-E lanes.
2st - Works with 4 cards on PCI-E and 2 on M.2
3st - Don’t work when 7th card is connected. Only displays one card on device manager.

Please let me know if anyone need more details!

possible issue is resources, or lack thereof.

Did you disable onboard video? Did you disable I/O port (if it has it)
did you disable sata’s that you are not using. Did you disable sound?

You HAVE to disable thing you are not going to use to free up resources for the 7th and 8th card.