New miner here about to build a closed rig

Hey guys!,
i want to build a mining rig with 3-4 GTX 1080Ti. So i have some questions about it. I dont want to build a common open air mining rig. I want to build a Hybrid Gaming/Mining PC. Because im a gamer and i want to mine,too. So is it possible if I have 4 Running gpus, that i can use 1 for gaming and the other 3 for mining?
Im about to buy this case :
I have a 1000W bequiet PSU Platinium, a Z270 and a i7 7700k.
Is there enough cooling?
I need some advice from you guys :confused:

You're going to want something with more fans and better air flow. 4x1080 Ti's in a closed rig is going to generate a ton of heat.

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4x 1080Ti = 250W(100%TDP) x 4 = 1000W
Tuuuuuut wrong psu

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Get a 1600w G2 supernova EVGA

What about 2x 1080Ti and 1x 1070? Is it enough then?

You can run 4x 1080Ti at 70%TDP with a NICE efficiency on this PSU
2x 1080Ti and 1x 1070 will be close at 100%TDP
You should disable 2 cores or/and underclock/undetvolt your CPU to catch the about the same TDP of Celeron/Pentium :slight_smile:

And is it enough if i use 3 GPUs in it?

Yes it will be clearly enough with 3 GPUs in every case
At 70%TDP(easy to set in MSI Afterburner) you will be able to go with 4x 1080ti

Any other things that you can recommend me? Like cases or something?

I recommend you to go with a dual system case
it's damn expensive if you want to go with

watercooling will cost you less

Why would you use amazon affiliate link? very sneaky man

Lol i found that case from a YouTube link. Didnt noticed