N00b Zcasher questions

Hello, I am trying to understand if this coin is a competitor to DASH or do the devs here see it as co existing with blockchains such as DASH in the future? Does Zcash need to crush coins like DASH in order to succeed?

How much would I need to invest in mining equipment to pull 5 ZEC per day?

Do the devs here at Zcash have plans for android and windows wallets? ( Polished GUI like DASH has?)

I think there should be a longer video about the trusted set up ceremony @zooko - the video you released a few days back is cool but a documentary or something would be better!

5 zec a day lol I got maybe 5 zec since start with 6 AMD RX gpus. I guess about 500 gpus would get the job done, maybe a little less.