Need help to identified is it running fine?

My Setup.
-- 6x gpu
-- zcash + ethos + claymore.
-- I used wallet.
-- nanopool

from where i can verify the setup is doing ok, as it is running past 12 hrs.


anyone Please ?


i think there is no service what tells you that your setup is ok, I can verify for you, from what you wrote it is running then is ok :stuck_out_tongue:
btw best would be compare to other peoples, but you didnt write what gpu have, what hashrate have, what daily payouts have, what power consumption on wall have, and 12 hours is little, wait more days, cause cables can burn, cause it can start crashing etc etc

Appreciated your reply.

Issue is resolved. It was mining for other t-addr. correct the conf file. Now everything is good.

how to fix the issue when no forum/web failed to do so. "GO TO ETHOS IRC SUPPORT" Big thanks to IRC support.

running 6 sapphire r9 290 TRI-X OC and total avg hash rate ~1500 h/s. Currently power consumption 1550 watt (using EVGA 1600 Watt supply).