New batch of RX 580's from ASUS look terrible problematic

I think Asus is using blemish GPU’s to try to get out the door faster. Alot of your ask the question as to why some cards run hotter than others. Well there is multiple factors.

  1. The heatsink isn’t mounted well
  2. the Heatsink itself is not bonded together well
  3. the fans are not hitting the rpm needed
  4. the gpu itself is garbage. ( view pictures)
    I convert all my gpus to water cooling so i can overclock the crap out of them and never worry about fans.
    I just got in 80 of the new asus RX580 8gb OC cards and after hooking up the heatsink and water lines to all of them 8 of them run 10 degrees hotter than the rest. All my other cards run 38c idle and 68c dual mining. But these were running 77c to 81c and it was bugging me and they crash alot. Couldn’t figure out the problem. Thought maybe I didn’t shim the cooling blocks well or mic the distance between the gpu shield or something I figured it wasn’t sitting flat so I adjusted with springs on them and just couldn’t get the temperature down. Keep in mind I overclock all the cards to 1400/2200 and all my other cards have been running stable for 2 months now.
    But these 8 pissed me off. So I pulled them all apart again took off the cooling blocks and looking at the silicon chip it’s blemished to begin with. Not a clean die i’m super angry because once i pull the heatsink there is no warranty. These 8 cards have blemished dies and crash randomly now I can’t get them to dual mine even stock without crashing. Sometimes they will run for 3 days sometimes 3 hours and just quit responding to opencl. I’m at wits end on this bullcrap Asus is letting go out the door. See the pictures of the dies

sorry i didn’t highlight the blemish it’s hard to see on the pictures it’s dead center of the chip it looks like a smudge and the top corner in the pic looks like it has glue on it but it’s a blemish in the silicon I checked it with a tool i use on our mill and the die is not as flat as others that run way cooler. Unfortunately there is no way for you to check this without voiding your cards warranty. I don’t recommend pulling the air cooler off to find out if you have been scammed into getting a blemished chip. I sell alot of silicon and I know that if you get a smudge like that or a dark mark at the edge of the die it’s called a B grade chip.