RX480 temperature differences

I have a few rigs with Sapphire RX480s Nitros 4GB version which are currently running at a cool temperature of about 48C.

I then spotted some discounted Asus RX480 Dual OC 8GB, bought them and hash rate is only about 10 sol/s more than the Sapphires, but they are running at close to 70C in exactly the same environment.

Not sure if the Asus’s are a bad/faulty batch, but would have expected them to run possibly a bit hotter than the Sapphire’s but not over 20C more.

Anyone else had any similar experience or any opinions of the Sapphires over the Asus RX480s?

They are open air rigs with a fair bit of space between cards and are cooled by the English air which is about 10C outside at the moment with a bit of a breeze which makes it a bit cooler again.

I have R9 390s running at about 68C in the same place - with fans about 55%. For the sapphires, fans are running about 40%…

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@zij What fan speed are the Asus cards running at? Because you shouldn’t be getting up to 70C if the fans are set to 80%. If you have the fans set any lower, try setting them at 80% and then see what that does to your temps.

It’s just a guess, but I’d say the non-Strix Asus cards have inferior heatsinks/fans compared to the Nitros and probably use cheap thermal paste. If the problem persists, you could try re-applying the thermal paste with some better stuff, like Arctic Silver or something of similar quality. That might improve your temps by 5 degrees, especially if they originally did a poor job applying the paste at the factory.

@GPU_Mining With open air rigs and plenty of cooling, 48C is probably accurate. I have 12 MSI 480’s in open air rigs and they fluctuate between 48 and 60 degrees, depending on whether I have the air conditioning turned on or not.

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I’m scratching my head like GPU_Mining… I have my open air rig in a 59F server room with the air constantly circulating in the room and mine run 65c to 74c with fans running minimum of 45% speed

Now the Fury x’s that are water cooled stay 49c

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undervolt the memory, undervolt the gpu. If you want to run the cards really cool and nice, underclock a little bit and undervolt even more. 100mhz makes a big difference comes to heat and powerconsumption.

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H_Bozz - That is good advice to know and have… I hope others are reading and taking advatage of this free million dollar education they are receiving! :grin: