New Mining Rig(gtx 1060) OC?

I am also getting 306 Sol/s but only on one card. Once I added another GTX 1060, the new card does not go more than 230 Sol/s. Is it due to my 650W PSU?

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Hmm. Do you see drops to 290? As I see more 290-298 than I doo 300+

I'm running a 750w PSU and I'm fairly confident it's not the issue.

If your running a 650w. That might play a roll. Especially if your trying to one 2 GPUs on one MOBO which is powered by a 650w psu.

Might be a good idea to upgrade your PSU a 750 is always what I start with with any computer build. If I max that out....(which is so far very rare) than I upgrade to higher(I haven't needed to yet)

Swapping places in motherboard did some improvement since my 1060 6GB is now getting more juice, reaching 300 Sol/s but the second GPU, shown in screenshot, is stuck at 1506 MHz. No matter what I do to the clock rate or memory clock, it does not goes beyond 1506. Help?

Looks like my 650W PSU is to be blamed?

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Well that's progress.

Try maxing out your power limit % you have it at 87. Try putting it to 116%

And increase your fan speed. I noticed last night after testing. When my gpu was above 75. I get errors.

Being below 74c I get better hashing and better results. So I have my GPU fan set so if my gpu goes over 70-73 my fan goes to 75% If it hits 75 it goes to 80% speed.

So try maximizing the power limiter %. if that doesn't fix it you might need a new PSU.

Thank you. I'll keep you posted.

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No problem. Glad I could help.
Hopefully it works.

Do let me know so I can help you diagnose the issue better and get it resolved so you can hash at full speeds. I'm pretty happy with a stable 290-299

where do you see the wattage meter?

I bought a wattage meter. They're pretty darn cheap aswell and handy

do you plan to expand with your profits? more cards?

100%. Purchasing a 1080TI this week for my buddy to up his hashpower with me. And probably x1 more in mid next month for myself.

Once I have gained an ROI for them. Plus more profit. I'll be purchasing x2 more 1080TIs for myself.

for a total of x4 1080TI which will bring my hashpower to 2970 sol/s give or take. Unless a new NVidia card comes out.

But it's all in due time as I want to ensure ROI. I know I will. But if its in less than 5 months. Than I'm happy with that.

But long story short. Yea I am planning on it 100%.

yo guys,

im not quite sure why your gpu´s doing this but i see that they are a bit hot aswell.

I got a GREAT configuration right now i changed my power limit to just 65% with the same high overclocking of the memory and it lowers my hashrate just a little bit but makes it way more efficient. the cards using only around 100W each with a hashrate of around 300-305 sol/s per card. AND they got even cooler from 56/58 C° to just 52/55

before it was just a little sol/s more but 120W per card… so yeah… with energy costs of 0.28€ per Kw/h it makes a difference.

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Oh wow. Are you using the GPUs fan to keep it that cool? or an external fan? Or just a wide open case?

Also how are you getting such high hash rate. Mine oddly, sometimes jumps around to 300-310 sol/s But 90% of the time. Its between 290-299.

And hmm. Well I think my hydro here is super cheap. If I'm correct its like .05-.12/kw/h

If I tried putting my GPU over +750 for memory clock. My graphics crash and restart with defaults.So its impressive that yours is staying stable at that high. Maybe if I didn't run a gui on my computer I use more minng (and other things) hashrate would be more consistent

So I'm keeping it at about +650 Which only give me 285-299 sol/s.

EWBF doesn't seem very accurate.

nicee!, I have a 1060 on the way, with 1050ti mining at home already but a little hesitant on going all out because of the risks. Once I see payouts then i’ll be convinced :slight_smile:

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That's what its all about. Take it slowish. But ensure you get a payout and ROI within atleast a year before spending more on gpus. But I feel confident that if you start getting into it big, this early in the game. Your much better off in the long run

Aaron. This might bring some encouragement

This is my 1060 hashing at 290-299sol/s + my buddies AMD hashing at 180-210sol/s

Been at it only for maybe not even a week 1/2 yet.

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very nice, I’m doing it on Slush too. roughly $22 for a couple days? Have you actually cash out to your bank account yet or just reinvested?

This is my 1050ti

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Yea. And for utilizing your gpu for something more worth while than gaming its so worth it.

That’s not bad at all. :smiley: And no I have not cashed out yet. Cashing out once I hit 1 zcash. Than converting zcash to Bitcoin.

Than I’ll be cashing out all my bitcoins and re-investing in better gpus.

Also wow. Expected a tad higher for a 1050TI. But that’s actually not that bad.

well i got the asus rog strix OC version of the 1060 its really big with 3 Fans already on it aaand my rig got 4x14cm external fans on it to ensure a good airflow from the cards away aaand yeah… i build myself an open air rig so… you won 3/3 points :joy:

i think my hashrate is stable like this because its a rig build only for mining and im doing nothing else with it

and there down below it is… its not a beauty but it does the work greatly :innocent:


Damn bud. That’s killer. I have not any space yet to make an actual rig. In due time. I will for sure. and super excited to build it. Gotta get a cabled network first. I have the 1 fan 1060 :stuck_out_tongue: So that would make sense.

But that’s a sweet rig. and the gpu colours make it sweeter.

Got a Riser coming in the mail to test using my 1060 and 750. But idk if itll work.

Also. Deathlord. are the 1060s SLI compatible? I can toss more GPUs onto my mother board. and wouldn’t mind tossing 1 or 2 more 1060s in there. are the 1060s sli compatible? OR can I run them all for mining on 1 mobo?

yeah right? but i turn the lights off most of the time i turn them only on if i want to show someone my rig :sunglasses:

im not happy with the wood at all because of fire danger if something goes wrong but it was cheap and simple to build anyway im planing to replace it with a alu case, same construction just safer.

well i dont know much about SLI but as you see i run all 4 gpus on one mobo with risers.
but thats pretty basic most of the people building 6 or even 8 gpus like this on 1 mobo you just have to get the right mobo with 6 or 8 pcie slots