New mining System | Need support please!

Good morning,

I a new in domain of mining, so I want to start in a “light” way. For this I configure an hardware system with the next components:

  • (SSD) ADATA Ultimate SU800, 2.5", 128GB, SATA III
  • memory RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DIMM, DDR4, 3000MHz, CL15, 1.35V, XMP 2.0, Red
  • network board: TP-Link TG-3468, PCIe, Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Riser Card-Set 6 buc-mining Ethereum PCE164P-N07 V007C (compatibility with PCI-E Express 1X-16X cablu USB 3.0)
  • PSU adaptor: ATX, 24 Pins, Dual PSU
  • supplementary riser: M2 PCI-e for slot (NGFF)
  • motherboard: Asus - PRIME Z270-P ATX LGA1151
  • processor: Intel - Core i5-7500 3.4GHz Quad-Core
  • Power Supply: Corsair - RMx 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX
  • video-card: 1xNVidia (6Gb) and 1xAMD (8Gb)
  • operating system: Ubuntu (linux)

Because I am new, please give me some advice regarding to way in which to add/mount video-cards. I have need this advice, because I read articles and posts in which are presented different situation in which video-cards are not recognise by the system.
What I observe is that: video-cards must be added 1 by 1. For me means:

  1. Add 1 x NVidia video-card ;
  2. Install NVidia driver;
  3. Close the PC;
  4. Add 1 x AMD video-card;
  5. Start PC and check if it is recognised (if not, then check bios settings);
  6. Install AMD driver;

    and so on for each card added. But, once installed the drivers (for 1st NVidia card and 1st for AMD card), I must reinstalled after each video-card added in the system ?

The mining system will be integrate 8 video-cards, but as I say, not at once but 2 by 2 in the first instance, to learn how to proceed.

I waiting with higher interest your feedback related to configuration and steps necessary to mount supplementary video-cards on the system. Please take into account that I am beginner, and based on rig performance with mixed video-cards I will decide later on which video-card to use.

Thanks in advance to all members of community for support and advice.
Keep in touch.
Kind regards.

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I try r9-390 and gtx1066 in one ubuntu1604 system ,but failed. before find a way out , I use two system .

Here’s my how-to guide on building a ZEC mining system with 6 GTX1060-3gb cards:

You need EWBF’s miner, a wallet address and a mining pool. For the wallet you can use ZCash4Win freestanding wallet (it’s great), an address on Cryptonator or any exchange. Flypool’s information is here:

You need to setup your system without any video cards installed, and then add your first one and then install the drivers. After that, shut down, add a card, restart and repeat. You need to be patient and give the system time to identify each card as you add them. Allow 90 minutes to setup your system.

Good luck!

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Get a bigger PSU! 1000-1200 watts with enough GPU power connectors will help bring efficiency up and also to be ready for bigger cards. It does not cost much more. Or be prepared to add a second one… and Adaptors

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Thank you for feedback @phakov !
It is very useful for me your advice, especial that I am beginner. Also, I am sure that the proceedure regarding to mining is the same for all miners.
What I understand is that: I must install system operation without any video-card added on the system. After system operation (in my particular case Ubuntu) is installed, than to add 1 video-card, start PC (check of it is recognize) and install corresponding driver for video-card. For me it is very clear that I will have 2 video-cards (AMD and NVidia). So, I will install corresponding video-drivers.
Now come what is unclear for me: for the 3rd video-card I must reinstall driver (even is about AMD or NVidia) ? or is enough to added on the system and to be recognized as well ?

Thank you in advance for your support and advice !
Keep in touch.
Kind regards.

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Thank you for observation and suggestion @ehri !
After I will have 4 video-cards already “in work” and I will prepare extension to full (+ other 4 video-cards) a new PSU will be added on the rig with the same power !

Any other recommendation or observation from your side is welcome !
Keep in touch.
Kind regards.

I use Windows 10 and can’t give any information about using Ubuntu.

You should really watch youtube videos on how to do this. There are also electrical concerns that are important so that you don’t start a fire. Coming here and saying “teach me everything in this thread” would take months and it’s inefficient.

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Hi @phakov,

Regarding to usage of Linux distribution for mining, on Youtube and Google you will found more articles, start from installation of Linux (Ubuntu especial) and finished with benchmarks and over/under clocking of video-cards (both AMD and NVidia). Unfortunately it is little bit hard to start mining under linux if you are not familiar (minimum beginner enthusiast) with him.

In some way @root have right. But anyway, you can try on some virtual machine with linux installation, playing a wile and after that start on virtual machine to prepare one as like destination will be for mining using linux sources for mining.

Good luck and all the best.
Keep in touch.
Kind regards.