New to Zcash - Few questions

I have a GTX 1080 TI mining for me in my computer.

I originally signed upto pandapool and i was completing more shares, I have gone to flypool and im coimpleting alot less shares in a much longer time frame. However it shows me what i cam possibly earning which is a benefit.

So ive got a few questions.

Pandapool is only showing 7 workers for example so from my past mining experiences that means we have much less chance to actually get paid because theres a much smaller chance to get a block?

Also is it worth solo mining? or is it similar to bitcoin solo miners who are hoping to land that block like a lottery?

Thanks for any help

Yes, No, Yes…


Sweet and short Thanks :slight_smile:

could not have answered better myself!

@HolyCranium Though I would have added this in as well