Payouts are how often?

Payouts from where? You’ll have to give more details.

Are you mining with a pool?
What pool are you mining with?
What are you using to mine?


payouts from zcash_mac_nheqminer
using 2.9ghz intel core i5 mac

The information you’re looking for is on the suprnova site:

Automatic Payout Threshold
0.001 - 80000 ZEC. Set to ‘0’ for no auto payout. A 0.00000000 ZEC TX fee will apply

This means when you reach at least 0.001 ZEC, it will automatically pay it out. This doesn’t mean instantly though. They may have their system set up to pay out every 15 minutes, every hour or twice a day for example. In which case you would have to wait until their system runs it’s script to payout.

wow you are awseome!


Lastly how do i track my current progress and if i have to relocate my mac and turn it off? Do i lose all previous progress?

You can track your progress on suprnova. You may want to research where you’re mining before actually doing so :wink:

You don’t want to run the risk of losing anything you’ve mined.