NiceHash EQM Zcash NVIDIA optimized miner [Maxwell + Pascal @ Win + Linux] + CPU Mining [v1.0.4c] 400 Sol/s @GTX 1070 (stock)

Depends how much you are generating as to when you get paid. If the amount is tiny usually the payout is weekly.

But if you click the Check my stats online! link in the gui on the right it will say estimated payment date. Example mine now says 2016-12-10 23:02

Many thanks! I'm on Linux. I have googled "Check my stats online" and found it.

Payout's are getting very low :confused: Would it be more profitable to mine ZCash on a pool an then exchange it for btc or to use nicehash and get btc directly?

Wont make much difference. zcash dropped to $45

such an amazing miner! im getting 1095 Sol/s

EDIT: Above is NiceHash EQM acutal results:

316 Sol/s - Uff
with this alfa version:

Anyone tried?
Hashrate went 18.9% UP, consumption 22% UP!

It is faster indeed 254 H/s on a Evga 1070 SC.

And now the 1080 is faster now - 300 H/S

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Here is now the complete set of latest Windows and Linux releases:

Up to 320 Sol/s @ stock GTX1070, up to 370 Sol/s @ overclocked GTX1070.

DOWNLOAD WINDOWS version (Windows 7+)

DOWNLOAD Linux Ubuntu 14.04 version

DOWNLOAD Linux Ubuntu 16.04 version

IMPORTANT: to achieve maximum speed you should enable two threads per GPU:

-cd [GPU0] [GPU0] [GPU1] [GPU1]...

for example, when using two threads per GPU while having three GPUs in the system:

-cd 0 0 1 1 2 2

or you can simply use -ca parameter to run on all cuda devices:

-ca -ca

Keep on mining! :wink:

Best regards,
NiceHash team.


How's the 1080 perform? So there's no way to use this miner to mine zec right?

How do you get the 320 Sol/s ?
This is my command

eqm -t 0 -l eu -u btc address -w JSLRig -cd 0 0 -cm 1

Running on a eVGA 1070 SC

2x980 oc
-ca -ca = 510 sol/s

Nope. This one mines only to nicehash.

GTX 1050 Ti gets 130 Sol/s @ 50 W (wall)

That is 2.6 Sol / W Is there any more efficient miner known?

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That looks great for a 1050 Ti. I'm thinking of adding a 1050 Ti or 1060 3Gb extra to my 1070. Just for the fun

Evga GTX 1070 SC 296 Sol/s at 150 Watt. Only GPU mining. Good work guys.

For 1050 Ti how much H/s do u reach?

Titan X Pascal is now hitting 430 sol/s nice job guys

I'm getting 333 Sol/s on ASUS GTX 1070 Turbo with OC. Using EWBF I was getting 220 Sol/s. Should I keep using this one?

Keep this one. I have one question.
Are you getting 333 sol/s in the dosbox or on the website?
I get max 295 in the dosbox on a evga 1070 SC.

Would you like to share your command?