Problems with Poloniex ZEC withdrawal

I am going nuts with Poloniex… Purchased ZEC (seems to be the only place now) and I tried a withdrawal using a small amount. It went fine, got in my wallet. Great.
The issue started when I withdrew the rest… It got posted on my account as COMPLETE,however with a fake transaction id 1999089f88d73ac13c4cdb76727b3c963caaa9bf1a3bf4d424d0d57b35cbc68b - see picture
Of course, raised ticket, no answer after 3 days still waiting.
Doing some reading on twitter, forums and the likes it seems to happen quite often recently (last month).
My first question about this: Can somebody can imagine a scenario under which this would not be fraud. I can understand errors, slow servers, late emails, stretched resources and the rest. However, it seems quite hard to explain how can they get a fake id ? (unless it’s fraudulent)… Maybe some ZEC block chain developers can shed some light.
And second question - what are my options ? Any thoughts ?

I had exactly the same problem. Poloniex confirmed a withdrawal two days ago. The ZEC never arrived in my JAXX wallet. The transaction ID doesn’t show on any block explorer.

I wrote to Poloniex support and no answer in 36 hours.

Are they stealing?

Try to be as polite as possible in the support ticket, dont accuse them of stealing because they’ll probably not respond, could be a problem with their database

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I have the same problem my ZEC is missing my withdrawal is posted as complete

Finally ! After 5+ days I got all my ZEC.
No reply to tickets, no email, no explanation. I can see now a different TXID on the withdrawal history.
Terrible terrible experience…

thanks for all your reply’s.