Nvidia 1070 rig


I am looking to build a rig with gtx 1070's what motherboard, psu and risers do I need for this?

Really? Not going to do any research for yourself?


5 video cards:

4 video cards:



Thank you :slight_smile:

6 video cards - would recommend AsRock H81 or MSI Z97.

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Can the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power 6 gtx 1070?

Yes i can confirm i use 6x 1070 on a single EVGA 1300 W G2

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Do you use 8 pin to 2x 8 pin?

Is not necessary i have at my gpus 1 x8 supply but on other rigs i i use 6 pin to 2x8 pin so u can use it if it;s necessary

Thank You I will go with the evga then

Go go is a good power suply with 10 years warranty

so why pay 100$ more for a 240$ PSU while you can get 2x 750W for 140$? If the PSU fails only 1 fails so you can continue mining on half the GPU's even with warrenty its ieasier

ps warrenty doesnt cover burn outs by risers!

I ordered the rig today I will post an updae next week when I have it :slight_smile:

I'd also suggest the 1070s with a single 8 pin power connector if you are going the route of EVGA 1300 G2 for your PSU. Check out gpushack.com for the powered risers - super high quality for v005. Ebay has some cheaper v006 ones, but I still use the risers from gpushack.

So is that enough? because it has 2 x8 pin on it?

It's enough power, but you'll need extra 6 pin to 6/8 pin cables or adapters if you go 2x8 pin. It's a cable issue, not a power issue. Some cards ship with these adapters but some don't. You can always grab extra cables on ebay too for cheap.

So I just use 1x 8 pin on the power supply to 2x 8 pin adapter?

Yes, that would work with an adapter that makes one 8 pin into 2x 8/6 pin. However, purely from a cost perspective it's better to order the cards with 1x 8-pin adapter. Price vs. performance for electric costs.

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Ok thank you I will test some things when I get the parts

No problem. Good luck on your first rig!

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