Hi there!

I’m testing a rig with Mac and GTX 1080 TI with ZCASH.
It’s running first day but I only have 550 Sols/s and as I saw here
people it’s running with 720 Sols/s with the same card.

What can I do for to push to the 720 Sols/s level?

How can I change the power, fans and other things directly
from command line in terminal?

Remember I’m on Mac!

Thanks !



Hmm - well in linux you use these commands to manipulate the power level

nvidia-smi -pl xxx (power level in watts) will set your power level
nvidia-smi -d -d POWER will query your current power level

Then there is a gui app to manipulate memory and gpu overclocking as well as fan speed.

Not sure if those exist in MacOS or not, but that’s what I used in Linux before I switched to Windows 10.
I use power level 80%, mem overclock +500, gpu overclock +150, fans at 70% always for approximately 750 sols/s


I just put a rig with 4x MSI GTX 1080Ti Corsair Hydro. I’m using linux ubuntu but I would like to have some directions of how to overclock them. I’ve done extensive reading and the rig is now completely functional but I would like to improve Sols/s. not reaching yet the ~700Sol/s
Do you use a particular script to do the overclocking? Which parameters should i be looking?
I really want to stay away from windows if i can.

I appreciate you insight Thanks!


Thanks MColeman but I need for MacOs.
Keep searching about this question…


dears ,

how i can know the power consumption of my GPU and the Sol/s ??

i am using the nice hash and i cans see power consumption and sol/s


results of my quick test of gigabyte AORUS X-treme watter cooled edition…
TDP - default
core +120
mem +500
memory micron 11Gbps



Checkout nvidia-settings that should come with the nvidia drivers on Linux.


nvidia-settings -a GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=40
nvidia-settings -a GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=40

Or a specific GPU:

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=0
nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=0

Here is a small bash script that you can add and use as a shortcut:

# oclockall [optional_graphics] [optional_memory]
oclockall() {
    # set graphics
    if [ -n "$1" ]; then
        local GRAPHICSVAL="$1"
        local GRAPHICSVAL="0"
    # set memory
    if [ -n "$2" ]; then
        local MEMORYVAL="$2"
        local MEMORYVAL="0"
    nvidia-settings -a GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=$GRAPHICSVAL
    nvidia-settings -a GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=$MEMORYVAL



Nobody else with MacOS ??



Hey macperlita,
I am also running a 1080 TI on a mac.
Getting around 450 sols on my card as well. I’d love to be able to run nvidia-settings on mac but haven’t yet figured out if its possible.


are the ppl with MACs not already rich? Kappa


Raising the conversation. :grin:


Hey am new here, i have a questione can i connect gpu and the rizer, with one power connector with 8pin to 2x 6+2pin spliters? With this. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61q3wVGIqKL.SY355.jpg


you can but you run the risk of a short / meltdown / fire


Sry i meant single gpu, and single rizer with one cable. I just have 8+6pin connectors on the gpu. And i read that its safe, is it? I mean am just adding one rizer, to pcie power cable.


GREATLY confused… if it is a single GPU, why are you using a riser? Just connect it directly to the motherboard and forget the riser?

making sure I understand… Yes or No answer’s please

you have a gpu that needs a 8+6 pin to power?
8+8 pin?
8 pin ?
6 pin?

you want to take a 8pin power cable from the PSU and put an adapter on it to make it a 8+6 pin?

You have a riser that is also powered by a 6 pin?

IF you read that it’s safe, and are here asking is it safe, you must know in the back of your head that it isn’t…


Are you using two splitters? Is your riser a 6-pin riser?

I think the splitters at 18awg (if you can trust them) will probably handle the current but the 8-pin from the PSU that you are splitting may not be rated for that - especially if it’s not an EVGA PSU. You’re better off powering the riser separately and using an 8+6 VGA for the gpu or two single 6+2 | 6+2 cables even.

As CitricAcid said, you will start a fire eventually if something isn’t rated properly. It might take a few months but it’s inevitable as the heat increases.


Ohh ffs i made it coplicated, so i have a rig ready to mine, but still with one gpu, am going to add more bit later.
Back to topic i want to put the gpus and the rizers, with out any sata, molex cables. Instead use the same pcie power cables to power the rizers, to do that i need the pcie power cable spliters, so i can have 8+6pin connectors for the gpu, and one 6pin for the pcie rizer. So i can use the pcie power cable to power both, the gpu and rizer for it… Hope u understand now :DDD


Yes, I understand better now.

No I would not do that. If the gpu was a single 8 pin or single 6 pin power need, then you could use the split cable that comes with the psu unit to power the gpu and riser.
But no, powering the riser with a splitter while also providing dual power to the GPU, that is way outside safe / best practice.


Don’t even try it: it might even work (with garanteed lower performance) but it could cause permanent damage to MB, riser and/or GPU.


I have three different cards, but they all get around 750 sol/s.

1080 TI FE 85% power 1950 GPU clock 5600 mem clock 62C
EVGA 1080 TI SC Black Edition 85% power 1950 GPU clock 5600 mem clock 47C
MSI 1080 TI Gaming X 85% power 1950 GPU 5600 mem clock 53C

I have 2 more EVGA 1080 TI SC coming in and a Zotac Amp Extreme Core so will be interesting to see if they all perform the same. Hopefully my second power supply shows up soon to power all of this.