Panic panic Panic everywhere

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This came from Andreas Anotonopoulos: A FORK could possibly happen at beginning of August. Please REMOVE ALL YOUR BITCOINS from Exchanges and Online Wallets into your Offline Wallets by latest END OF JULY. Those who have COOLBITX Offline Wallets, practice your transfer. If you don’t have, please order for one. However, in view that time is short, it might not arrive on time. Keep one for future forks though. See the “reply to” at the top of this message to enter your name.

If you don’t have an offline wallet, your next best alternative is to DOWNLOAD the phone/computer type for the meantime till the STORM BLOWS OVER! Warning: DO NOT use Windows based WALLETS. It is the most easily hacked and trojan horsed OS! Andriod and IOS are MUCH, MUCH MORE SECURE! Examples of Wallets are: Mycelium, Aitbitz and Jaxx

Please download and REMEMBER to CREATE YOUR BACKUP so that if ever your Smartphone fails, you can RETRIEVE YOUR BITCOINS! i almost lost my bitcoins. Fortunately, because of BACKUP, i managed to get it all back!

Watch out for the news of the fork meantime.

#just copy paste from my friend post at wasap…dont know true or not…

Please do not post unsubstantiated FUD