Pcie adapters for adding more cards

Ok so I ran out of pcie slots on my desktop. Can I add these to add more graphics cards?

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/112470729651

Yes but do not connect power line into sata straight molex-molex

molex directly or would you suggest another powering type riser?


Could I add two extra graphics cards to my system or even three using these???

Guys i think you’r getting this Wrong.
Those things are “Risers” they won’t allow you to put more cards on an already full MB (Unless You are not Using the PCI-E 1X Slots on your MB, if that’s the case, then yes. you can use that to Put another GPU on that 1x slot)

But if you don’t have any available PCI-E Slot (Nor 16x or 1x) then what you need is something like these


These will allow you to put more GPU on 1 of the PCI-E of you MB.

Ofcourse it will depend on your CPU and GPU Lanes on your MB (I’ve Tried one of those on a 4 16x PCI-E MB and i’ve been able to put 6 cards instead of just 4, I’ll keep trying with another 1x to 3x Board)