Zcash now on DwarfPool


DwarfPool one of biggest Ethereum and Monero pool launched Zcash from today, 27th Nov.


- anonymous, no registration required
- hourly based PPS as at Ethereum
- both T- and Z- wallets accepted
- 3 servers worldwide, more are coming
- stratum port 3333
- vardiff from 8 (for CPU) up to 1024 (for RIGs), started from 64.
- autopayouts 4 times per day
- not tx fee for T-addresses, for Z-addresses network fee is 0.0001
- statistics pro worker
- support of email monitoring per worker. Email must be send as password

More features are coming...


how long does it take for a worker's stats to show up?
edit: answer: a minute or two :slight_smile:

Added ports with fixed difficulty:

Main-Port (vardiff): 3333
Stratum-Port (diff=8): 3334 for CPU
Stratum-Port (diff=128): 3335 for videocards
Stratum-Port (diff=512): 3336 for rigs
Stratum-Port (diff=1024): 3337 for rigs

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I mined some time and decided to leave and wait until the pool finds its first block. Now the block is found, but I see zeroes in my stats. Does it mean that my shares were lost due to HBPPS? I thought that if no block was found in an hour, the shares should be kept and used for the next hour and so on?

In short: if I sent few shares and left, and block was found 2 hours later, will my shares be paid or not?

SOLVED: I see some unconfirmed balance now, no questions!

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my favorite monero pool
gonna check this out, might end up splitting miners between flypool and dwarf

Just switched from Flypool

Switch all compare to flypool hashrate is 15-20% higher so the best pool

You are lucky man :slight_smile: i have -50% profit, dont know why

How to decide which port/diff to choose?
What do you recommend with 1.2khs?

let's support !!!:wink:

0% fee first promotion week (until end of 4th.Dec)

After 3 hours pool stopped seeing my shares.
Miner works, shares are accepted, but the balance does not increase.

Already fixed Small bug in stats, not in mining process

Trying cn server yesterday,
but stat not changing so back to the old pool,
trying again this morning on the us server.

higher hash rate but not sure about the actual mined zec.

and for me ))) 1day 550 s/s = 0.007zec )

Some time ago was issue with fetching statistics fron CN-server. During this time mining engine worked. It was just delay on web-page.

First day the pool was small, but with every day we are bigger. Yesterday opened RU-server, next are coming...

so, which port should i choose. i don't understand the difference.

i have one machine, with 1 390, and 2 470's in it, total about 600 H/s.
what would be the best port for me, and why?

Do you provide API like for ETH? I didn't find it anywhere. Thx

i use ubuntu and xeon server, how to minning at dwarfpool, or any tutorial or link ?

I'm running linux mint and started pretty quickly with nheqminer, just follow instructions to build for your choice of device (cpu/gpu-nvidia/gpu-amd) and run with it:
nheqminer -l zec-us1.dwarfpool.com:3333 -u t_address.workername

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