Price Speculation

Price dropping and difficulty rising. Maybe people will switch to something else?

I’ve pointed all my rigs at nicehash’s mining pool for the moment. With the the difficulty being so high and the price not going up, we are in a bubble scenario. The question is when is the bubble going to burst. When it does either the price will plummet or the difficulty will drop. My money is that the difficulty will drop before the price.

Just remember how dramatically Flypool’s overall hash rate dropped when Bitcoin Gold came out.

IMO price drives mining behaviour, mining behaviour does not drive price.


Well difficulty has risen to a point where I am thinking a switching. I have mined zec exclusively for 3 months. But if things keep going this way I will change.

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Parabolic spike on flypool´s difficulty from 9.1m in the morning to 13.6 m in the afternoon, damn I wonder how long til it hits 20m?

I have also switched to nicehash with my NVIDIA cards, and then I’m exchanging BTC to ZEC at bittrex. I think this is great opportunity to buy ZEC at this BTC-ZEC ratio. Can’t imagine how much would difficulty increase if ZEC price is higher.

I just switch my main rig to eth. I will be making 25% more at current difficulty. Maybe zec will come back in line. I prefer to mine zec

How has negative news on monero or zcash affected their respective markets in the past? In light of the recent ‘criminals shift to alt coin’ coverage, how would one assume the markets/prices to react?

Seriously, why not just use ZCash:


don’t know, somehow ppl fear the great potential of ZCASH

Some people are stupid, makes me sad


Hopefully the power outage temporarily kills diff, lol

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Market is so boring last few weeks…hope this will change in march
Edit: and as miner, i hope the mass of new miners turn to other crypto😁


My main rig has been mining eth because of zec difficulty. But looks like eth difficulty is spiking. May switch it back to zec.

“Seriously, why not just use ZCash:”

indeed, why not?

but imagine if btcp branding and marketing just trumps zec’s?

Btcp is also in equihash and today at mainnet

Their branding and marketing but will almost certainly
Just remember the empty can rattles the most

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This is a Trump free zone, dude…

ba dum tiss…

BCP won’t make it. ZEC is well ahead.


So what would be the prediction for zec? I hope to see 800 before may.