Price Speculation

I hope its 80000000000000 but hope isn’t gonna get us either.

Is that 8 quadrillion? Lol

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I’m hoping stable $450 march and $500 Aprile

Mining is so f…d now… 5 rigs mining power is like 2 rigs are working🤔 if this continues i have to change…

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My theory of that right now is that it’s one person accumulating a vast quantity in order to take advantage of higher prices in the future.

If nvidia drops the new cards in April they will be 30 to 50% better. The first lots will be sold to large mining farms. Difficulty will probably double from here and the price could fall if they sell vs hold the coin. So your profit could still fall 50% from here without much of a drop in price. And to add salt to the wounds the market will be flooded with used 10xx cards so your rig investment will drop in value. All depends what nvidia does. The announcement or official teaser of the new card is expected in 2 weeks.

All the people mining ZCL change to ZEC. When BTCP start appearing in some exchanges with a good stable price. Difficulty in ZEC will go down again and people will move to BTCP.

For me, I will keep all my rigs in ZEC. my profit went about 30-40% down. But still holding I hope I could sell when price pumps again at 700.

people don’t shit yourself in the pants, be patient. that isn’t any sport.

hold on… XMR will pass ZEC anytime soon :’(

how many times I heard that…

What is going on with the market? Everything is bleeding

It’s most likely the miners who have driven up the difficulty dumping what they have accumulated.

ZEC is half of what it was 60 days ago and the difficulty this week is the highest it has ever been…WTF?

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Hoooly drop, Bat-man!

It’s like someone turned on a light and all the roaches go running

The people bought their hardware when it was 700 and just now got it online :stuck_out_tongue:
Boy are they going to be disappointed

Quote I just made in another thread wondering out the difficulty spike
". My best guess is that a lot of people have moved in to mine zec causing the difficulty to spike. If some big farms have done that then the difficulty will rise faster. Often big farms were created with cheap cards and have cheap electricity so the decline in payout does not effect them as much. Soon small miners could be priced out of mining. When nvidia launches the new card it will increase the difficulty. When etherum moves to proof of stake a lot of miners will move to other coins. If they move to zec, this will increase the difficulty. The time is coming when small Mining operations will not be profitable. "
Also keep in mind that a lot of people have been forced to build their new rigs with cheap cards with only 2gb of vram. These cannot mine eth as the dag fill is 2.5gb. Also even the 4bg 1050 cards mine zec better than etherum. So lots of small low power cards are probably now mining zec.

sounds fair enough. until then HODL

Correct me if I’m wrong but the pattern that’s happening now looks like last year in June-July, prices were high, people started buying hardware, and then prices dropped a lot, about 60% over a few weeks if I remember correctly. ZEC was 400 and then it was close to 160 at it’s lowest after that… I wonder if this will be the same pattern. Of course this is influenced by news, so if we keep getting bad news, things will tank more.

mining was still more profitable during that time. It’s way below that now. Regardless, I expect price will improve slowly.