Price Speculation


Fiat isn’t a store of value nor an investment.


Except, ya know, in periods of rapidly tightening monetary policy.


Feels like buying season is about upon us - I just wish I had a bunch of FIAT I could dump. Hard to pass up $100 ZEC. Hopefully we continue to see miners joining the network, since it should drive up the price and put ZEC in a solid position for the long run (assuming people won’t sell for a loss)


I dont see a bunch of miners joining the network with such little profit. Any speculation on why price is diving?


ask the emerging markets that borrowed in USD whether or not it was a good investment


Heh. Doesn’t concern me - I don’t live there. I guess I should have tagged it my unprofessional advice for Americans


Didn’t mean to get down this rabbit hole…but just think if you’re suggesting to people on this thread to buy moar dollars to hedge against future crypto collapse and stock market collapse, it was unwise to recommend USD. Gold and Silver have been used as money in human civilization for many centuries prior to the creation of paper notes.

Actually the United States Dollar gets it’s name from the Spanish Dollar which widely circulated the globe with Columbus’ discovery of the new world. Silver, namely Spanish Silver was the de facto global money standard.


Not sure if this is the right type of price speculation for this thread…:thinking: but i guess price speculation is price speculation


I beg to differ…imagine all the potential silver components Starkware will need to build their hardware.


Very true :rofl: Now we are thinking outside the box


Positive to see some bounce back😁


hopefully it’s not a dead cat bounce


only 3 days of green will confirm that


monero > zcash ATM

EDIT: lasted 5 minutes.



Not liking the bitcoin flow being so low, but the eth flow appears to be positive. Appreciate that graphic!

Also, just noticed the Pie for your forum bday haha!


what i’m finding interesting about this is ZEC’s one of the only alts that BTC, and ETH are both flowing into.


Nurse! Today is my Zcash forum birthday, I’d like to look at the ocean please, thank you.


Anyone remember last year when ZEC to BTC was 0.16? Goodness! Now Doge has more market cap.


Yep, I 'member. It was June 2017 and the ETH/BTC ratio was also 0.15 at the time. ZEC was still above parity with ETH, but Ethereum was almost threatening to overtake BTC in terms of market cap. Interestingly, Zcash was still only #12 on the list of top coins, just below Monero.