Price Speculation


Its clear to me that since the start Zcash has done nothing but lose value compared to Bitcoin with periodical bounces to get more people bagholding.

As you can see its just been creating lower high one after another.


@Trololino I’m not quite sure if you intended to reply to me but I don’t speculate or postulate on Zcash price. I will say that Zcash is still in it’s early years and has many improvements in the pipeline.

  • It’s shame for grown up people to be unable to tolerate truth, which is - ZEC is being developed since 2015, almost 4 years, and still there is no user-friendly wallets for mobile and windows platforms. My flagged post may be a bit emotional but all I’ve said is bitter truth. ZEC lured a lot of users with high mining rewards, but as rewards are tiny now, it’s time to provide better user experience.
  • If this is ZCash community forum here it does not mean we should only do praising and ass-kissing.
  • Could you be so kind to share some links with concrete dates? When should we expect new shiny wallets? Releases? Integrations? Listings? Events?
    It’s not that I’m not patient, I’m still accumulating ZEC. But what makes me feel uneasy is that I don’t see positive changes while my savings goes to zero.


It’s imprudent to put ones savings in a speculative asset.


imo, this is what’s happening to ZEC markets: this year our trade volume from jan-july roughly was averaging around $50M a day. from july to september our 24 hour volume has been maintained at roughly $100M. this new money has a vested interest in keeping ZEC prices low for a while to accumulate a decent amount. there’s nothing worse for large traders than having the thing they’re buying skyrocket before they’ve had their fill. would be willing to say most large traders would rather never invest in a thing than have it skyrocket while they’re trying to accumulate.


I gave links in my first reply to you. Pay close attention to the dev updates and GitHub if you want to know what exactly they are working on.



What you have shared is nothing related to project plans. Only some general bla bla bla. Like “we should conquer the world and go to the moon one day”. If you check for example Ubuntu roadmap you’ll see concrete dates, features which are planned etc.
And this is just another piece of disrespect towards the users.
Anyway thanks for recommendation. I’ll check GitHub later.





test pump 2018 - whomever was checking their market dominance actually had less control over the market than they had expected.


pretty sure i can tell you what the entity performing the test pump thought after that second spike - ABORT DUMP DUMP lolimage alright, have a good one!


They do the respect of not pretending to know the future, github isn’t the easiest UX


@daira just edited one of my post informing us that the pie chart is wildly inaccurate due to a bug that was supposed to have been fixed
Just so we all know now :sweat_smile:


Im waiting october already😉


I’m waiting to see ZEC at $40 or lower to buy :joy:


does anybody find it strange ZEC/XMR has been basically the same price for multiple days in a row, even with XMR’s measly $30M volume? market’s grossly manipulated. knowing what the manipulators need to do before they know what they’re going to do is what makes trading crypto so easy. thanks for the laughs!

noticed our volume has increased from roughly $80M yesterday to roughly $111M this AM; whilst XMR volume sits unchanged at roughly $30M. also, good morning!!


Cool consolidation chart.


This was interesting, it’s talking mostly about eth but talks about correlation in the price versus the value of the utility of a token within the ecosystem
It coincides with the means of exchange,store of change conversations from before, it implies that whatever of those it happens to be is going to be at overall price determining factor
I.e. is zcash more valuable to hold as a store of value or is it more valuable as a means of exchange
Zcash is slated to be the de facto money in the electronic world
Exciting times ahead


Sure, the whole crypto market is manipulated


your poll with 29% in favor for verge sounds much more reasonable.

Please post some more garbage fud in here.