Price Speculation


I have never heard of Zcash paying listing fees back to launch in 2016, so I doubt it’s a new policy. But you could ask Zcash Company to be sure.


I remember reading Zooko saying somewhere they never did




That’s not entirely true. People have to acquire it somehow. So you either sell a good or service and take it as payment, or exchange it for a different currency you have. If you don’t have exchanges you end up with miners holding a bunch of zcash. They then have to find merchants and individuals taking it as payment to use it. Sounds like a slow way to distribute it.


Interesting, storing books on bch


Prediction/guessing time…

I think BTC’s sharp drop followed by a prompt high volume recovery was the ‘capitulation event’. If it follows a normal playbook it’ll go sideways for the next month or so, with a pump when/if Bakkt happens.

For ZEC, we’ll track BTC but with a slow ZECBTC downtrend thanks to our inflation rate, but a nice pump when the reference wallet is released.

No graph, just opinions & guesses, nice time to accumulate IMHO.


A market opinion newsletter put out daily:




I don’t know for certain whether we asked to be listed on the exchanges that are accused of faking volume, but my impression is that we didn’t.


I like it!

This led to 25 additional listings in 13 countries, including two of the most respected and heavily-regulated exchanges in the world: Gemini (with approval from NYDFS) and Coinbase. It has been a common misconception that regulated exchanges cannot support Zcash. That proved to be false. It is now a common misconception that regulated exchanges cannot support shielded addresses. That will also prove to be false.



It tickles me every time I see ‘Bitcoin on the move’ announcements, really something that shouldn’t be possible on a proper currency.


^^ Exactly, imagine if the headline was:

"Elon Musk transfers 20 million dollars from Bank of America to his E*trade Account!"

That would never fly as a good way to do business.


I wonder about his family


Correlation between market price and hashrate?

(I know “hashrate” is a hot button issue, please don’t go off-topic and rehash the GPU/ASIC debate in this thread)


Im pretty sure the economic incentive to receive mining rewards causes people to add hashpower as prices rise. But what do i know


Hashrate / Price always seems like a chicken and egg situation with arguments going both ways. Which rose first, the hashrate or the market price…



Yeah, I saw that about BTCP. Astonishing