Price Speculation



(Pssst… the answer is yes)


(This shold go under the “exchange” topic, sorz)
this exchange of set in the Cayman Islands with US Canada China and Singapore barred (IPs appear to be blacklisted so use ToR huh?!), it is a fork of zcash in a DEX with more of a Horizen setup (I don’t think I read the word decentralized at all which is kind of funny) youll want to read the legal disclaimer on that one it’s long

Also its an ICO (lol)

I take that back it does have a section for decentralization in the FAQ but apparently has everything to do with whether or not you want to download an entire blockchain and nothing else

Here’s the summary
Resistance_Summary_v1.2.pdf (426.9 KB)


No BTC etf for Q1

34-84988.pdf (83.7 KB) SEC statement


I have some problems understanding the text here and how the outcome would be that using BTC from personal wallets gets illegal in the USA if this Bill passes. Anybody mind to explain?


If i’am not wrong, this seems like ensuring the spoils are shared with the state and the banks. It also seems like killing the P2P feature of cryptocurrencies. Any learned soul out there who would like to add wisdom?


Seems like a precursor to the state controlling crypto assets, just like they did with gold.


Interesting article about XRP, but it contains as well a part that should concern us as well. It’s really good to see that messari by now as well has an eye on fake & wash trading volume.

  • Ripple has not shared the methodology or reference exchange data it uses to calculate trading volume for XRP, a critical data point that drives selling restrictions. More than 99% of XRP trading volume appears to come from overseas exchanges, many of which have been suspected of wash trading. We urge Ripple to disclose its volume-based selling methodology, as well as the amount of XRP subject to contractual volume-based selling limitations over time. This is necessary in order to help investors better understand the inflation and selling pressure in one of the industry’s largest assets, and is necessary to protect consumers and promote fair and efficient crypto markets.



Just readed an interesting sentence on another forum about hardcap/max. supply, i have to think about this, it makes some sense and absolutly fits my thoughts i had the last week on this topic:

Agreed. I always was a believer of the tail emmission that some cryptonote coins implemented. However, the implementation was more for the adapative block size than the distribution, but it still gives continuous incentives for miners.
In anycase, a hard cap on the supply in some coins are not practical unless the developers were planning something else for the coin other than make it a daily currency . The hard cap encourages hoarding , which might be a limitation for mass adoption.


Retraced the whole bounce (which was weak to begin with). Quo vadis ZEC?


Trapped between 50 USD & 50 EUR, prob until BTC does ‘something’ that drags us in either direction.


Charts do not look good both Zecbtc and Zecusd.


Quite possible there is little respite for zec before the halving.


Which I think happens in late 2020.


Failed breakout and the dumping just continues. Possibly making a New low. Wake me up for the halving.


saw it allready coming 6 days ago …

0.0142- 0.0144 the next 7 days …

currently by cmc: 0.01462059


Grin price $11+ and marketcap #270 allready, absolutly over hyped. I guess this is the record price for a 1B+ coin …


Yikes guess we’ll see 50 fall today/tomorrow. Hold on to your butts


omg, your prediction come ture.
when will the fall stop?